6 Teachworks Dashboard Widgets Your Business Needs

6 Teachworks Dashboard Widgets Your Business Needs

Your customizable Teachworks dashboard is optimized to save you time by simplifying the frequent tasks you perform while managing your tuition center. In this article we’re going to highlight 6 widgets you should add to your Teachworks dashboard, and why they’ll help make your business easier to manage.

The dashboard in your Teachworks account can be set as your landing page each time you login to your account, and is a great jumping off point for quickly checking in on high-level business management statistics, lesson counts, form submissions, and more.

You can also Customize Your Teachworks Dashboard by choosing which widgets you’d like to enable and how they’re ordered on your dashboard.

Below we’ll discuss 6 Teachworks dashboard widgets that will quickly get you up to speed on your business each time you login to your account.

Monthly Statistics

This widget is useful for checking in on some very high level, general business statistics. The data in this widget is updated automatically as you (or other users) update the information in your Teachworks account. That means the widget will reflect changes made in real time, whether it’s your staff updating lessons, customers paying their invoices, invoices being generated by autopilot schedules, or lessons being scheduled via the Booking Plugin.

Overdue Invoices

The Overdue Invoices widget provides you with an easy method of staying up-to-date on which invoices are overdue, their due date, and the customer’s outstanding balance. Adding this widget to your dashboard will make it easier to find overdue invoices and will help generate revenue by ensuring no invoices are going unpaid.

You can also click through to specific invoices by clicking the link in the “Invoice” column of the widget. You can then send the customer a payment reminder email, or charge the customer’s saved credit card information if you’ve set up the Stripe Integration.

New & Popular Features

The New & Popular Features widget is a must have widget that will keep you up-to-date on new features that are added to Teachworks.

This widget also highlights popular Teachworks features and their functions, which can be great for discovering new features that can simplify your business processes and help you get the most of our your Teachworks account.

Recent Inquiries

This widget will help you get the most out of the Inquiry Form Add-On, which allows you to add an inquiry form to your company website to make it easy for clients to reach out with any questions they have about your business.

The widget provides you with an overview of the name, email, and message sent in by the person submitting the inquiry (you can click the “View Enquiry” link to see the whole message and the user’s phone number). You can also check the time stamp of when the inquiry was submitted so you can be sure to follow with prospective clients in a timely manner.

Hours by Status

Managing your tuition center requires you to stay up-to-date on a range of different metrics, including lesson counts, revenue, and student attendance records. The hours by status widget is a great tool for monitoring these metrics at a high level, since all three are directly connected to the number of tutoring hours your business is accumulating each week.

This widget is also helpful for checking in on the number of tutoring hours by lesson status your business is counting each week. You can then use more detailed reporting tools like the Lesson Summary Report or Breakdown Report to dive deeper into any trends you notice related to lesson hours.

New Student Enrolment & Employee Applications

If you use the Custom Forms Add-On to accept new student enrolments and employee applications you can add the corresponding widgets to your dashboard to easily track new submissions (in addition to receiving notification emails when forms are submitted).

These widgets allow you to track new submissions, and click through to new user profiles to review their information. You can then follow up with new students & families, contact applicants for interviews, and assign the user a status (i.e. active or prospective) in Teachworks.

Start Optimizing Your Dashboard

The widgets discussed above are useful tools that can help make managing your tuition center less time consuming. By collecting new, up-to-date information and statistics in one place you can easily check in on your business’ major metrics at a glance and follow-up in more detail if needed.

If you’re new to Teachworks and would like to test the tools discussed in this article you can click the button below to get started with your Free 3 Week Trial.

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