Get Student Feedback After Tutoring With Teachworks

Get Student Feedback After Tutoring With Teachworks

One of the best methods of improving your teaching business’ lesson quality and lesson outcomes is to get student feedback after tutoring sessions. In this article we’re going to detail a simple method of sending students/families a form after each of their lessons asking them to provide feedback about their lessons.

Before going into more detail about how to get student feedback after tutoring sessions, let’s briefly discuss why your business will benefit from asking student’s about their lessons.

Feedback from students (and/or their parents) will help your business understand it’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. You can ask students to explain what they like about their specific tutors and lessons, and what your business can do to serve better serve their needs.

How to Get Student Feedback After Tutoring in Teachworks

To get student feedback after tutoring you’ll need to create a form for collecting feedback and reviews using a free form creation tool like Jotform or Google Forms.

Once you’ve created your form, you can embed a direct link to your review form in the Shared Lesson Notes Email Templates in your Teachworks account. Students and/or parents will then be prompted to click the link and submit a review each time they receive their lesson notes email after their lessons.

The general steps we’re going to complete in Teachworks are:

  1. Editing the Student and/or Family shared notes email templates
  2. Adding the link to a review form to the notes email template
  3. Sending lesson notes after lessons are completed

Edit the Student and/or Family Shared Notes Email Templates

The shared notes email templates for Student and Family users is fully customizable, along with all of the other email templates used to send email communications in Teachworks.

To customize email templates you can login to your admin account (or a staff user account with permission to manage account settings) and go to Account & Settings > Notification Templates > Lesson Notes Templates > Edit.

On this page you can edit the content in the email template, add merge tags, add links, and more.

Click here for more information about Customizing Notification Templates.

Linking to Your Review Form Using the Shared Notes Email Template

The next step is to add a request to your shared notes email template to have students and/or families complete your review form after their lessons.

One way of doing this is to add a simple message to your email template asking users to submit a review:

Next, you can highlight the part you’d like to hyperlink to your review form:

Click the “Insert Link” button once you’ve highlighted the text you’d like to hyperlink:

You can then add the link to your review form in the “Insert Link” pop-up window and click “Insert Link.” Once you’ve done that, and made any other desired changes to your email template, you can click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Sending Lesson Notes Emails After Lessons

The final step to get feedback after tutoring sessions is to record and send shared lesson notes after lessons. This can be done by admin staff, staff with permission to manage lessons & send notes emails, or teachers with permission to complete lessons and send notes emails.

Users can simply enter their notes on the Complete Lesson Form, and check the “Email Shared Notes” box before submitting the form. Students/Families will be sent their lesson notes (using the Shared Lesson Notes Email Template), and will be able to access and complete your review form.

Getting Started With Teachworks

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