Customize Your Teachworks Dashboard

As an education business owner, staying on top of your business is a priority. We have made things easier for you by providing you with a snapshot of your business statistics through the Teachworks Dashboard.

With our latest update, it’s now possible for you to customize your Teachworks dashboard. You can choose from a variety of widgets to add to your dashboard to give you a quick view of different parts of your business.

teachworks dashboard

There are several standard widgets in the Teachworks Dashboard such as lesson hours by status, overdue invoices, plan usage, payment and invoice totals, upcoming lessons, uncompleted lessons, etc.

There are also several widgets that are available when you’ve enabled add-ons in your Teachworks account including upcoming and overdue tasks, lesson requests, new student enrollments, employee applications, etc.


To manage your dashboard settings click the dashboard settings icon at the bottom right corner of your dashboard.


On your Dashboard settings page, you can enable or disable a specific widget by simply clicking the “Enable” or “Disable” link below the widget.


You can arrange the order that your widgets are displayed on your dashboard by clicking the “Set Widget Order” link in the sidebar of the dashboard settings page.  Your enabled widgets will be listed and you can drag the widget to set the order.

At any point, you can access the dashboard screen to quickly get a glance of how your business is doing. Another way to gain further insight into your business performance is through the lesson reports included in Teachworks. These reports can be fully customized to show any aspect of your business included lesson revenue, missed lessons, and revenue by teacher.

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