Why Your Tutoring Business Needs Customer Feedback

Why Your Tutoring Business Needs Customer Feedback

Your tutoring business needs customer feedback to stay informed and in-touch with the people you’re serving. Customer feedback will help your business ensure it’s meeting customer needs, consistently trying to improve for them, and fixing areas of weakness that might be impacting customer retention.

Education businesses operate in the service industry, where customers trade their hard earned money for services, not actual products they can take home. That means the services you offer, and the results you provide through those services, need to exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis.

We’re going to highlight some reasons your tutoring business needs customer feedback, and what you can do with that feedback to improve your business and the services you offer. The benefits of asking customers for their feedback we’re going to focus on are:

  • Learning your customer’s general likes and dislikes
  • Using customer feedback to improve your business
  • Why asking for their feedback will make your customers feel appreciated
  • Building a business culture that values innovation and improvement
  • Increasing the return on the time & money you invest in your business

Learning Your Customer’s General Likes & Dislikes

Asking your customers for their feedback can include asking them general questions about what they like and don’t like about service businesses.

Getting general feedback from customers about the service industry as a whole doesn’t necessarily have to be the driving force behind your business’ future decision making. However, asking customers for general preferences about service providers will help you notice high-level trends across customers that you can use to get an overall impression of what people like and don’t like about the businesses they frequent.

You’ll also gain insight about how each customer evaluates their experiences with businesses, which will help you interpret their answers about questions related to your specific business.

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

You can also ask your customers what they like and dislike about your tutoring business specifically, in addition to asking them about their likes and dislikes for services businesses in general.

When asking customers to provide feedback about your tutoring business it’s best to ask them open-ended questions that encourage longer responses.

Some examples of questions are:

  • How can we better serve you?
  • What do you (and your children) like the most about the lessons we provide?
  • What would help you (or your child) get more out of each lesson?
  • Can you tell us about your experience working with our business/X tutor?

Questions like these will encourage customers to share their thoughts, and will give you a lot of information about each customer’s impressions and experiences with your business. You can then use that information to reflect on your business, services, tutors, lesson delivery, teaching methods, and anything else you collect information about.

Asking Customers for Feedback Makes Them Feel Appreciated

In addition to providing you with valuable feedback you can use to make positive changes to your business, asking customers for their feedback will also make them feel appreciated.

Fostering feelings of appreciation in your customers will help you build stronger relationships with them. When customers know you care about their needs and values they’ll be more likely to continue using your services, refer their friends/family, and leave positive reviews online.

Building a Business Culture That Values Innovation and Improvement

Asking for, and encouraging, customers to provide feedback shows that you’re open minded and willing to listen to the opinions of others. It indicates to your customers, employees, and prospective customers and employees that your business is working to build a culture founded on innovation and improvement.

Establishing that kind of culture will help attract both new customers and top shelf candidates for tutoring roles, since they’ll want to be involved with a business that openly encourages feedback and uses it to make positive changes.

Increasing the Return on the Time & Money You Invest in Your Business

The final point on our list of reasons why your tutoring business needs customer feedback is that it will help you make more informed decisions about where and how you can improve your business.

Having feedback from customers will help you increase the returns on the time and money you invest in your business by decreasing the amount of guess work you need to do while trying to figure out where to make upgrades.

The sooner you start asking customers for feedback about your tutoring business, the sooner you’ll begin accumulating data. Once you’ve collected and analyzed enough of that data, you can use it to make informed decisions about what your business needs to continue growing.

Maybe you’ll learn you need to improve your services, and you’ll decide to invest some time in developing better lesson modules or training tutors. Perhaps you’ll find out your facilities could use an upgrade, so you choose to invest in higher quality equipment.

The point is that you’ll be making informed decisions based on the feedback of customers who have direct experience with your business, which will increase the chances that your decisions will benefit your business.

Interested In More Ideas to Improve Your Business?

In this article we’ve discussed why your tutoring business needs customer feedback, and how that feedback can be used to improve your business. By listening to your customers you can learn about their preferences, build stronger relationships, and foster a culture built on constant innovation.

Additionally, by asking customers for feedback you can make informed decisions about improving your business, leading to better lesson outcomes, more word-of-mouth marketing, and stronger retention rates.

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