How Employee Autonomy Will Grow Your Business

How Employee Autonomy Will Grow Your Business

Employees are the connection between a tuition business and its customers. When customers have positive interactions with employees, they are more likely to be satisfied with their experience, book more lessons, and give positive reviews online. It’s vital, then, that your employees are positive ambassadors of your business and are functioning at an optimal level.

But what can you do to ensure your employees are strong representatives of your business?

Fortunately, there is a simple way to create a workplace culture where your employees will thrive: Provide them with more autonomy.

Autonomy is the freedom to make decisions and act independently. Employees who are given autonomy at work are more engaged and involved because they feel like they are included in decisions that affect them, rather than being an afterthought at a business that does not value them beyond their services.

When you, as a business owner, make it a priority to show your employees that their actions matter, you let them know that you trust them and value them on a level that is deeper than the services they offer. When you give your employees more autonomy, it will impact your business in the following ways:

Customers Will Respond To Happy Employees

Autonomy can mean a lot of things, but sometimes, it is enough to let your employees be themselves. When employees have freedom to show their personality at work, they will feel more appreciated and more satisfied as a member of your team.

A feedback loop will be created that looks like this: increasing employee satisfaction will foster a positive workplace culture, and positive workplace culture will continue increasing employee satisfaction.

Customers will be drawn in by the positive atmosphere you provide them (students will respond particularly well to a warm and positive learning environment). Over time, you can expect your customers to reward your business with higher retention rates and positive reviews as you provide them with a secure environment to learn and grow.

Limiting Burnout Will Keep Employees Motivated

Burnout manifests as a lack of motivation, disinterest, and apathy towards workplace duties. When those apathetic feelings about workplace duties leak into interactions with customers, it creates a bad experience that can push people away and impact your bottom line.

One of the main contributing factors of burnout in the workplace is performing repetitive tasks. You can help limit burnout by allowing your employees autonomy to complete tasks according to their own preferences. That doesn’t mean you need to give them the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want; rather, it means giving them some space to work according to their unique strengths and abilities.

In addition, delegating repetitive tasks like scheduling and sending lesson notes to a wider range of employees will limit the potential impact on administrative staff, so they can focus on customer facing interactions and other areas of your business.

Autonomy Increases Accountability, and Accountability Creates Better Services

Accountability is necessary if your business is going to grow, and granting more autonomy will create accountability by ensuring employees take responsibility and ownership of their work. Accountability doesn’t mean babysitting your employees and watching their every move; it means setting clear, transparent, and reasonable expectations for all employees (including yourself!) and giving them room to rise to the challenge.

Once you have a firm set of guidelines in place and employees understand company expectations, you can stand back and let them get to work. Your business will benefit from this practice in a number of ways: you will learn which employees are your best, which ones need more training and support, and how to improve the training process for new employees.

As your employees take on more responsibility, they will gain confidence, the quality of service your business provides will improve, and you will notice it is less necessary to spend time micromanaging. Improved quality of service will generate more positive outcomes for your students (and their parents), who are likely to then share their success with friends and family who are looking for a tuition service.

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