Email Add-On Enhancements & Other Updates

Email Add-On Enhancements & Other Updates

We have been busy at Teachworks and are excited to share some new features and updates, including some fantastic enhancements to our Email Add-On!

1. Email Multiple Recipient Types

You can now send an email to multiple recipient types when using our Email Add-On. Add Students, Employees, and Families to the same email form and send your email to all of them at once. This feature will save you time when sending out information that affects students and staff alike.

Multiple Recipient Email Add-On

2. Email A Class

You can enable an option in the Email Add-On Settings that will allow you to initiate the process of emailing a class directly from the Calendar. Clicking the ‘Email’ link in the Lesson Pop-Up Window will redirect you to an Email Message Form with the recipients pre-filled. This feature will reduce the time it takes you to send information to Students, Families, and Employees when there is a scheduling change or lesson information is updated.

Email A Class - Email Add-On

3. Strong Customer Authentication

Our Stripe Integration has been updated to comply with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations that are now in effect for tutoring businesses located in the European Economic Area.

Check out this blog post to read about the steps Teachworks has taken to help you transition to the new regulations.

4. Upfront Payments Using the Website Booking Plugin

If you are using our Stripe Integration, you can now collect payments upfront when a customer books their lessons using the Website Booking Plugin. Accepting payments upfront can reduce the amount of time you spend generating invoices and will help cut down on lesson cancellations.

This article has more information about how upfront payments work and how to set them up.

5. Target Dates Using the Website Booking Plugin

You can now add a “default_date” parameter at the end of the booking plugin URL with the date in YYYY-MM-DD format to make time slots jump to a specific date. For example, if you would like time slots to display starting December 1, you can add the following parameter at the end of the URL: ?default_date=2019-12-01.

Use this feature to encourage bookings for lessons and courses on specific dates.

Other Enhancements

  • You can now add a {TEACHER-EMAIL} merge tag to all Lesson Request Response Email Templates.
  • You can set a Maximum Allowed Lesson Duration in your Account Settings to set an upper limit on how long a lesson can be scheduled.
  • Our developers have updated the Teachworks API to include an employee_id filter in the Other Events endpoint.
  • Start and End Dates are now required when performing Bulk Invoice payments to prevent accidental invoicing when leaving the date fields blank.
  • We have added a filter to the Customer Balances table to speed up page loading. You can now filter by Active, Inactive, and Prospective Customers.

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