Delegate Efficiently & Reduce Your Workload with Teachworks

Delegate Efficiently & Reduce Your Workload with Teachworks

Whether you’re using Teachworks or an alternative software option, one of your main goals should be to find a solution that will simplify and streamline your education business. Look for software that can improve delegation, streamline administration, and automate repetitive tasks.

This article will look at how you can delegate work to your employees more efficiently through Teachworks.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Personalized Access

Teachworks allows you to fully control what your employees can see when they access their accounts, making it much easier to delegate specific tasks effectively. Teachworks supports two types of employee accounts in addition to the admin account:

  • Staff Accounts
  • Teacher Accounts

These accounts come with a myriad of customizable permission settings that can be applied to each employee’s profile separately, allowing you to delegate different duties and responsibilities to each employee depending on their experience.

For example, you may have an employee that handles accounting for your business. In this case you can add a staff account and set the “Accounting” permission to “Manage” to allow the employee to manage account balances, invoices, credit notes and customer payments.

Our comprehensive list of permission settings allow you to tailor each user account to match the unique responsibilities of each of your employees and it’s one of the features that set us apart from other Teachworks competitors.

Staff Accounts

Staff accounts can be created for non-teaching staff or teaching staff with secondary administrative roles (such as bookkeeping for example). If you’d like to add additional “admins”, you can add staff accounts with full permission settings enabled. While a staff account can be similar to the admin account (the account that was created when you first signed up), the admin account is the only account that can make changes to the Teachworks subscription and add other staff accounts.

The list of permission settings will grow depending on the Integrations & Add-Ons you’ve enabled in your account. By default, you can customize the following permissions:

staff permissions

Teacher Accounts

Teacher accounts are for teachers, tutors, instructors, coaches or any other teaching staff in your team. Teacher accounts have access to their personal information, schedules, wage information and hours. You can also grant them permission to schedule lessons for their assigned students to speed up your team’s overall productivity.

The following permission settings can be customized for Teacher accounts:

teacher permissions

To further streamline scheduling in Teacher accounts, you can limit the service list on the “Add Lesson” form to only display a student’s default services. If a student only has one default service, the field will be prefilled.

More information: Limiting the Service Menu

Effortlessly Delegate With Our Tasks Add-On

As your tutoring business grows, your workload will grow too and you may find yourself needing to delegate more tasks to other members in your team. Teachworks and other software alternatives offer features that enable you to refine your delegation skills and run your business like a well-oiled machine, so be sure to take full advantage of this.

To simplify the delegation process, we’ve built a powerful but simple Task Add-On. This add-on allows you to quickly assign tasks, but more importantly track the progress of each task at a glance.

Tasks Add-On

When capturing a new task, you can set a title, description, due date and priority level. Tasks can be assigned to specific employees or multiple employees at once.

new task

As soon as an employee starts a new task, they can update the status to “In progress”. Once they’ve completed a task, the “Completed” status can be applied.

completed task

The add-on also lets employees create tasks for themselves to help them stay more organized and focussed. Assigned tasks can easily be monitored in the Tasks table and can be filtered by status and date.

While delegation is an important aspect of any business, there are also a few business processes that can be automated, so why not sit back and let Teachworks take care of it for you? Here’s a full list of our Free Integrations & Add-Ons.

Let’s Recap

Finding software that will help you to shave hours off your workday is a definite must for your education business. Improve your team’s productivity by customizing the data that’s visible in employee accounts. Use our Tasks Add-On to delegate tasks to other members in your team and easily track task progress at a glance. Lastly, take full advantage of our automation features to further streamline your business and reduce your stress levels.

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