Lesson Flags Add-On and Other New Features!

Lesson Flags Add-On and other updates

A big thank you for all the great feedback and feature suggestions! Your input allows us to expand and improve Teachworks. Here’s what we’ve been working on recently:

1. Lesson Flags Add-On

We’ve added a Lesson Flags Add-On that allows teachers to flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrative staff.

Once this add-on has been enabled, the Lesson Completion form will include a checkbox to flag the lesson. When the checkbox is selected, the form expands with a “Comments” field where teachers can add their comments.

You can enable the email notification option to send an email to your company email address each time a lesson is flagged. You can also add the “Flagged Lessons” widget to your dashboard to see flagged lessons as soon as you login to Teachworks.

For more information about this new feature, visit our knowledge base: Lesson Flags Add-On


2. MailChimp Autosync

We’ve added an option to automatically sync contacts to MailChimp daily. To enable this feature in your account, go to Integrations & Add-ons > MailChimp > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Select the “Automatic Sync” box.

Mailchimp autosync


3. Payment endpoint for API

We’ve added an API endpoint for creating, retrieving, updating and searching payments.

Interested in using our API for your business? Learn more here: Teachworks API


4. Location Address

Location addresses now appear in the calendar as well as on student profiles if a default location has been assigned to them.




Some smaller additions and enhancements we’ve added recently:

  • We’ve updated the notification logs to set a delivery status for dropped or bounced emails sent through Postmark (previously they displayed as “Sent”).
  • When completing a lesson from the dashboard widget the form will now redirect back to the dashboard after submitting the lesson completion form.
  • We’ve hidden the help icon from the Calendar page to make it easier to apply filters.
  • The {DESCRIPTION} merge tag for payment receipt emails wasn’t listed with merge tags for this template – we’ve added it to the list.
  • We’ve made the Teachworks logo on booking plugin page less visible.
  • The Breakdown report in master accounts now displays the branch name in the results table when grouping by account.
  • We’ve added a link to performances in the performances column in the Repertoire Tracker.

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