5 Tips To Generate Repeat Business


Most companies focus the majority of their time and budget on acquiring new customers. While this is an important factor for your teaching business, you may want to shift some of your attention to your greatest resource – your existing customers.

Focusing on customer retention will result in long term, profitable relationships and can benefit your teaching business in the following ways:

Existing Customers Are More Likely To Spend Money

According to RjMetrics, repeat customers spend on average 300% more than new customers. This is largely due to the fact that a trust relationship already exists between you and your customers. They’ve already dealt with your teachers and they’ve already experienced the success of your services and as a result, they are more likely to sign up for more lessons.

It’s Easier to Sell To Existing Customers

Did you know that you only have a 13% chance of convincing a prospective customer to sign up with you? Marketing to an existing customer boosts this number significantly since they already know you and trust your expertise.

You Can Benefit From Free Promotion

Working on building lasting relationships with your existing customers is well worth the effort because you’ll be able to create a group of loyal customers that will happily recommend your services to their friends (if you provide them with an excellent experience of course.)

These customers are also more likely to write positive reviews for you that you can display on your website and social media pages to organically generate more business.

Now that you know why you need to spend some more time on customer retention for your teaching business, here’s how to do it.


1. Be Honest

Be open and honest with your customers, especially when it comes to billing. Provide them with detailed invoices and always avoid hidden fees. Being transparent and providing your customer with an invoice that reflects exactly what was agreed on will ensure no friction and will help to build trust.


2. Be Professional

It’s important to be polite and respectful at all times when it comes to customer interactions. A nice touch is to remember each customer’s name and preferences. This isn’t always an easy task (especially if you manage a large teaching business) but with good tutoring software on your side, you can stay on top of it!

Teachworks allows you to keep detailed records about each of your customers and you can easily expand their profiles with custom profile fields. In addition, tutors can write detailed internal notes about each lesson as well as general notes about specific students.

Email notifications can also be personalized to include each customer’s first name to add that personal touch to each piece of communication.


3. Consider Packages

Offering packages will give your customers an immediate reason to come back (at least until their package runs out), so use this time to provide them with a memorable experience. If they ever need tutoring services in future, they are more likely to sign up for your services again. In addition, they are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family.

Teachworks’ Package Balances Alerts Add-On lets you send out a notification once a customer’s package falls below a specified number of lessons/hours. Timing is everything, and this tool makes it possible to reach out to customers at just the right time to encourage them to sign up for additional lessons or packages.


4. Reward Referrals

Giving your customers an incentive when they refer people will motivate them to keep spreading the word. The incentive doesn’t have to be big, even a small fee reduction will be sufficient. Your customers want to feel valued and they want their efforts to be acknowledged. Running a referral program is a great way to achieve this and you will also generate more business in the process.


5. Follow-Up

Following up with existing customers is an effective way to keep your brand top of mind. Teachworks offers a myriad of features to simplify this process – here are the most popular ones:

  • Lesson notes that can be emailed to customers after each session
  • A Follow Up Add-On that allows you to add a follow up date and note on a customer’s profile
  • More Integrations & Add-Ons


Let’s Recap

Many companies don’t pay enough attention to their greatest resource – their existing customers. Since a trust relationship already exists between you and these customers, it is much easier to encourage them to sign up for additional lessons. Leave a lasting impression by providing them with unparalleled service that will keep them coming back for more and make it more likely for them to recommend your services.


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