Teachworks MailChimp Integration

Teachworks MailChimp Integration

Our latest integration is the Teachworks MailChimp Integration. MailChimp is a leading online email marketing solution that manages contacts, sends emails and tracks results.  As an education business owner, it is important to create long lasting connections with your customers, MailChimp can help you with this through email marketing. If you aren’t using MailChimp for your email marketing you can learn more on their website here: www.mailchimp.com.

Teachworks Mailchimp integration allows you connect to your Mailchimp account and then to sync your students, families, teachers and staff to your lists in Mailchimp.  For each contact type, you can choose which status to sync including active, inactive, prospective, or all statuses.

In addition to syncing your contacts, you can also choose to include merge tags such as a school, grade, zip code, city, etc.  These merge tags can then be used to personalize your email messages or to segment your lists for targeted email campaigns.

The Teachworks MailChimp Integration was a suggestion from our feature suggestions forum. Thank you to everyone who voted for this feature and helped us prioritize this addition. We believe this feature will help you manage email marketing initiatives for your education company more efficiently.

To learn more and to start using this new integration, read our Knowledge Base article here: Mailchimp Integration

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