Your Guide To Understanding Teachworks Tutor Accounts

Teachworks Tutor Accounts

Teachworks is a tutoring software program that offers loads of features for users of all access levels. Whether you are an administrator, staff member, or a tutor, you will have access to myriad of relevant features all aimed at allowing you to work more efficiently. 

We’ve often been asked about teacher/tutor profiles and clarity on what these profiles have access to. This is a very tricky question to answer as Teachworks offers flexible user permission options that can be adjusted based on your business needs. Permissions are set directly on tutor profiles, so each tutor could potentially have access to different features. In addition, enabling certain add-ons will also add more features to tutor profiles. This article aims to clear up some confusion.


1. Tutor Permissions

When a tutor profile is created and a user-profile is enabled, you are presented with a list of user-permissions that you can customize. These are:

  • Calendar Events – view / view & complete / manage
  • Lesson Cost – Off / View / Manage
  • Student Contact Info – Off / View
  • Other tutor Lessons – Off / View
  • Lesson Duration – View / Manage
  • Send Lesson Notes – Off / On

You can edit these permission settings to accommodate your business needs. If you’re a smaller company and your tutors add their own lessons to the calendar for example, you can allow tutor profiles to “manage” calendar events. If you own a bigger company with a dedicated admin person who schedules all lessons, you can allow your tutors to only view or view & complete their calendar events. Giving them access only the features that they need will promote efficiency and productivity and will make their lives a lot easier.


2. Add-Ons and Other Settings

Our tutoring business software comes with a range of free add-ons that can help you achieve your business goals with ease. Enabling add-ons will give you access to more options in your Teachworks account and in turn, tutors will have more options available to them as well.

Here are some of the add-ons that will affect what tutor profiles can access:

  • Calendar Lock Add-On

The calendar lock allows you to prevent lessons and non-teaching events from being edited, added or deleted on or before a specific date. Once enabled and configured, tutors will not be able to make changes to calendar events after a specified time.

  • Note & Communication Logs Add-On

If you add profile notes to client profiles through the Note & Communication Log add-on, you can select tutor permissions at the time that you’re adding a note by selecting the appropriate checkbox. tutors can then view notes on profiles of students assigned to them.

  • Task Manager Add-On

The task manager add-on allows you to assign, manage, and track employee tasks. If you have this add-on enabled, tutors will be able to see their tasks by clicking on “Tasks” in the main navigation, or they can add a widget to their dashboard to allow them to see tasks assigned to them.

  • Profile Attachments Add-On

This add-on allows you and your employees to attach documents directly to employee, family and student profiles. When enabled, tutors can upload files to their own profile or student profiles (of students assigned to them). To be able to upload files, this permission needs to be granted on the tutor’s profile.

  • Results Tracking Add-On

The results tracking add-on allows you to track student results such as test scores or grades over time. If enabled, tutors can track results of their assigned students.

  • Lending Library Add-On

This add-on is great if you want to keep track of items (such as instruments or books). If you enable this add-on, you have the option to make it visible to tutor accounts. Once logged in, they will able to see loaned items as well as when the items are due back.

View more add-ons here.

General settings:

Tutor Service Limit – If you want to make it easier for tutors to schedule lessons and select the right service, you can assign default services or packages to a student profile and then limit the service list. When tutors schedule lessons, they will only see a student’s default services in the Lesson Form’s service field.


3. How Tutors Can Customize Their Accounts:

Tutors have control over their profile, allowing them to update their details, upload new photos, choose notification preferences, set availability and more. They can also keep track of their earnings and manage upcoming lessons with ease.

Tutors can customize their dashboard by adding and rearranging widgets in a way that will allow them to work more efficiently. The amount of widgets available to them depends on the add-ons enabled on the admin account. Generally the following widgets are available:

  • Upcoming lessons (a list of all upcoming lessons for the logged in tutor)
  • Uncompleted lessons (a list of lessons that still need to be completed by die logged in tutor)
  • Upcoming tasks (tasks assigned to the tutor – this requires the Tasks add-on to be enabled)
  • Overdue tasks (all overdue tasks created with the Tasks add-on)
  • Profile Notes (Recent notes that have been added to a Family or student’s profile through the note & communication logs add-on)


4. Do You Need a Staff Account?

There are a couple of things that are only visible to admin and staff profiles (such as account settings, reports, billing information, notification templates etc). If you want to give tutors access to these, consider creating a staff account for them instead. Staff accounts come with a range of customizable permission settings that you can read more about here: Account Permissions


Still Unsure?

If you’re still a bit confused about what tutor and staff accounts can access from their Teachworks accounts, you may want to create a test teacher/staff account for yourself. This will allow you to experience Teachworks as an employee and you can use these insights to further tweak the permission settings.

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