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Happy New Year!

On behalf of our team, we hope you had an amazing new year so far!

We have added some updates and features this week, thank you for the companies who provided us with feedback on the new Standard Subjects Feature! Based on your feedback, we have added the following improvements: 

Ability to merge standard fields

  • The merge feature will allow companies who are switching from the text version of subjects to quickly merge two or more subjects that might have been misspelled or written differently. For example, if you had two text subjects, one as Math and one as Mathematics but they are the same subject, you can use the merge icon that appears beside the “Edit” icon to turn these two separate subjects into one.

Only display active students and teachers 

  • Previously, the standard subject table displayed all active and inactive students and teachers. Now, only active students and teachers are displayed.

We have also added other software improvements as follows:

  • The customer’s name on the invoices excel export file is now displayed as “Last Name, First Name”.
  • You are now able to download a list of the payment allocations made in your account. To access go to Billing > Payments > Click on “Download Allocations”.
  • The MailChimp Add-on has been upgraded to provide a better user experience and integration with MailChimp. With the update, you are now able to see activity logs for all your lists!
  • A field has been added to Teachworks subscription page to show the email address that subscription receipts are being sent to. Fixed bug on “Update Credit Card” field that wasn’t saving new email addresses.

Do you have any feature suggestions? Help us prioritize the addition of new features by adding your suggestion to our Feature Suggestions Forum.

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