How to Choose The Right Music Teacher Software

Choosing Music Teacher Software

As your music business grows, balancing administration and teaching can become a struggle. Music teacher software can help you manage your schedule, teachers, and students more efficiently, giving you more time to spend on growing your business. Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing music teacher software: 

Access to Your Information Anywhere

As a music teacher business owner you’re likely always on the go. It is important to have access to your schedule, student profiles, and other information at all times across all devices. Great music teacher software should be web-based with an outstanding mobile platform so you can access your information from anywhere with internet access.

Integrated Calendar 

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of any teaching business. Your teacher hours, students lessons, and business revenue all depend on your ability to manage the schedule accurately and efficiently. Software can streamline this process and can save a lot of headaches in the long run. In addition you can provide your students with a better learning experience, thereby ensuring repeat business and making it more likely for them to recommend your services to their friends.

Great music teacher software will provide you with the ability to quickly schedule lessons, find open spots for music lessons, automatically check lesson conflicts and more.

Efficient Billing & Payroll 

Creating invoices manually is a very time-consuming task, so why not automate it? Great music school software will provide you with the ability to create invoices automatically according to your unique billing requirements. It will also allow you to create custom invoice email templates to personalize each message sent to your customers.

Automation is key when it comes to saving more time, so opt for software with plenty of automation features. Payroll is another time-consuming but crucial administrative task, so find a software solution that will allow you to calculate teacher hours and earnings automatically based on the lessons in the schedule.

Records and Analytics 

Analyzing the performance of your business through detailed reports can help you discover opportunities to grow your business. Software that allows you to manage detailed and up-to-date reports for students, teachers, lessons transactions and more can help you identify opportunities and also recognize issues before they affect your customers and /or bottom line.

Other features to look for:

  • Ability to create teacher, student, and family user accounts
  • Custom fields to record information that matters to you
  • Custom registration forms
  • Teacher calendar that includes teacher availability
  • Personal calendars to keep track of other events
  • Ability to customize and white-label the account
  • Lending library to keep track of instruments and materials lent to students
  • A Repertoire Tracker


 About Teachworks 

Teachworks is business management software built for educators and is the perfect solution for your music school. It is designed to help you manage the core aspects of your teaching business quickly and efficiently. Try Teachworks’ features today by signing up for a free trial!

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