5 Features to Manage Tutors Efficiently

manage tutors efficiently

There are several features included in Teachworks to allow you to manage tutors efficiently. While some of the features used to improve efficiency may be obvious — such as enabling user accounts for your tutors. Other features included in our tutor management software to help you improve efficiency might not be so obvious. 

Here is a list of 5 features that can help you manage your tutors more efficiently and make them more productive while using Teachworks.

1 – Limiting the number of services that appear in the menu for teacher accounts

When a tutor is scheduling a lesson for a single student, the drop-down menu to select a service displays separate groups for any default services that have been set for the student. In addition, the full list of services offered by your company is also displayed. To make things easier for your tutors you can limit this menu to only include the student’s default services by following these instructions: Limiting Service Menu

2 – Pre-filled lesson notes

If you require your tutors to record lessons notes, you can make things easier for them by pre-filing lessons notes with a format to follow. This way, they will be able to easily fill out the notes following the specific format and your lesson notes will be kept more organized.  More information: Pre-filled Lesson Notes

3 – Employee availability 

A great feature to improve efficiency is the ability for tutors and staff to enter their availability from their own profiles. Once the availability is entered, it is displayed on the calendar so other staff can easily find open spots for the tutors. This feature allows your employees to be in charge of their time and reduce the workload on administrative staff. More information: Employee Availability

4 – Completing lessons more efficiently

If your tutors are really busy this season and completing lessons is becoming time-consuming, Teachworks has two features that can help them complete lessons more efficiently:

    • Completing multiple lessons in succession
    • Changing the status of multiple lessons at once.

More information: Completing Lessons More Efficiently

5 – Employee calendar feeds

Calendar feeds allow your employees to have access to their lessons on other calendar programs including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. Enabling calendar feeds will give your tutors access to view their lessons directly from their calendars without having to log into Teachworks. More information: Tutor Calendar Feeds

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