Repertoire Tracker and Other New Features

repertoire tracker

Thank you for all the feature suggestions! Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been working on the past couple of weeks.

1. Repertoire Tracker Add-On

This brand new feature allows music schools and teachers to easily keep track of the pieces that students are learning and performing.

To enable this feature, go to Account & Settings -> Integrations & Add-Ons -> Repertoire Tracker: Enable. You can easily add and edit repertoires for students directly on their profile or by going to the Repertoires table.

More Information: Repertoire Tracker Add-On

2. Partial Stripe Payments

The form for charging invoice payments to saved credit cards on behalf of clients now includes an editable field to allow for partial invoice payments.

This feature is only available internally at the moment (in other words, it can only be used by company admins and staff with permission to charge credit cards on behalf of customers). It will be useful to be able to charge separate credit cards, and for customers who wish to be charged only a portion of their invoice.

3. API Updates

Date Filters Added to Endpoints: Date search parameters now accept values such as lt, gt, lte and gte for returning dates that are greater or less than the submitted value.

Rate-Limiting Error Response: We’ve also updated the API documentation to show an error response for rate-limiting that explains the rate limit in requests per second.

4. “Scheduled, Attended, Missed” Filter On Invoices

We’ve added a “Scheduled, Attended, Missed” status to invoices when you add individual lessons within a date range to an invoice. This will give you the ability to choose to create invoices for lessons with different statuses.

5. Lesson Reminders & Notes Emails

We’ve added validation to the student form to prevent lesson reminders and notes being enabled when these options have already been enabled for the parent with the same email address captured on their profile. The student import template will do this automatically as well.

This change will prevent duplicate reminders or notes being sent to the same email address.

6. Lesson Reminders For Verified Email Addresses

To improve deliverability, lesson reminder emails are now sent through Postmark for companies that have verified their email address. To verify your email address and improve deliverability, follow these steps: Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

Looking for a specific feature that’s not currently supported? Let us know on our New Feature Ideas Forum!

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