4 Reasons to Customize Notification Templates

Customize Notification Templates

We all know communication is very important, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy and profitable business. Given the nature of most education businesses, the need for open and efficient communication between parents, students, and teachers is crucial. Teachworks allows you to customize notification templates so you are able to include the information that is most important to your customers so you can improve communication. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should customize notification templates:

Personal Touch 

To remain competitive in today’s world, most businesses are adopting a “Customer Centric” approach. This approach allows businesses to focus on maintaining a personalized close relationship with their customers. You can customize Teachworks notification templates using merge tags to include your customers’ name and other details that are unique to your customer. In Teachworks, each notification template has a list of merge tags that are available to personalize your message.

Keep Your Customers In-The-Know 

Most parents want to be in-the-know regarding their child’s success and progress. School administrators need to make sure these communication links are smooth and valuable. One way to do this in Teachworks is to create a template for lesson notes to be filled by teachers. Using a template can help your teachers fill out notes more efficiently and it can also help your customers better understand the progress a student has made after each session. More information: Pre-Filled Lesson Notes

Create Value 

Creating value goes beyond offering your customers a “good price” for the services you provide. Communication is an excellent way to create value for your customers as it allows you to maintain your customers informed every step of the way. When your customers are aware of exactly how they benefit from using your services, the value of your services rises above just a dollar amount. In Teachworks, you can customize each notification template so you can start creating value from the first welcome message to the latest reminder of upcoming lessons.

Entice Feedback 

Another opportunity offered when you customize notification templates is the ability to ask customers for feedback. You could simply include a line to let your customers know you are open to feedback – you will be surprised by the valuable information you can discover by simply asking your customers for feedback.

For step-by-step instructions on how to customize notification templates in Teachworks please visit our knowledge base article: Customizing Notification Templates

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