Generating Lesson Reports Fast and Efficiently

generating lesson reports

Generating lesson reports is very important. These reports allow you to determine where your revenue is coming from and what services are the most and least scheduled along with other insights. You can also generate detailed reports including lesson notes for parents whenever necessary. 

Teachworks currently has three report types that have settings that can be adjusted to create many different reports. In today’s blog post we’ll take a look at the report type: Lesson Summaries. You can find the reports under the “Reports” tab in your administrator account.

Unlike the Breakdown and Time Series Reports which include data in graph and list format, the Lesson Summaries report is a list only report.  This report allows you to pull up all of the lessons that match your settings and displays the results in a list that can be printed, copied or downloaded to Excel.

When generating lesson reports, you can choose from the following settings to create a unique lesson summary:

Data Type

The setting fields include the measure type which allows you to view the results by lesson or by student lesson (the difference is that student lessons will show a separate result for each student in a group lesson, whereas the lesson will show one result for each lesson regardless of the number of students in the lesson.

Date Range

The next fields allow you to adjust the date range.  By default, the dates will be set to the first and last day of the current month.


You can select to include lessons by status, lessons belonging to specific teachers, or if you’ve selected the “Lessons by Student” option you can also filter by student.


The format options include “List” and “Totals”. The “List” option will display a line for every single result.  The “Totals” option will display a line with the totals (wage and cost) for any items that you group the results by.


The grouping option allows you to group the results by Date, Teacher, Service or Student (if you’ve selected the “Lessons by Student” data type).  When combined with the list format the results will be displayed in a list with all of the results grouped according to your selection.  When combined with the “Totals” format a total will be displayed for each item in the group.


If you’ve selected the list option and you select a group setting, you can check the box that appears to display subtotals below each group.


The final column allows you to choose the columns that are displayed.  This option is available if you’ve selected the “List” format.  You can select multiple columns related to the lesson such as the start and end times, shared and private notes, service, location, teacher, student, wage, revenue, status, and duration.

Saving Your Settings

Once you’ve entered your settings you can submit the form to view the results.  If you think you will be generating lesson reports frequently, you can click the “Save Settings” box next to the submit button to save the settings.  Once saved you’ll be able to select the report from a menu and submit the form to retrieve the results.

More information: Lesson Summaries Report

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