Optimize Teachworks to Meet Your Education Business Needs

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Teachworks is a business management platform created to help educators organize and better manage their education business. The software has been carefully designed to meet the needs of education companies such as tutoring companies, language schools, music schools and others.

One great aspect Teachworks has to offer is the customization of your account. You can select which features and add-ons you would like to incorporate rather than having all features always available. This creates a user-friendly platform that lets you better utilize the features that can service your business needs.

Some of the features that will help you customize your account to meet your education business needs are:

Personalized Account Settings 

You can choose from a variety of account settings depending on how you run your education business. Some of the modifications that can be made through account settings include:

  • Changing the terminology of some of the fields across the platform
  • Various account settings to personalize the calendar views and set up
  • Invoice customization including white labeling and personalized instructions
  • Adding your company logo to the Teachworks platform

Integrations & Add-Ons 

Your subscription to Teachworks includes all of the integrations and add-ons available. You can choose to use all or some of them to better meet your business needs. Some of the features and add-ons that help customize your account include:

  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Custom Enrollment Forms
  • Custom Lesson Statuses
  • Custom Templates

There are many other ways to personalize your account, for example, you can personalize all notifications emails so you can add a personal touch to the notifications sent to your customers and employees. To find out more about how Teachworks can take your education business to the next level sign up for a free Teachworks trial.

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