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Color Coding Lessons

As a business owner, you want to set yourself up for success, be able to access information at all times in a timely and organized way. Color coding lessons could help you achieve that.

Within the Teachworks calendar, you can choose to color code events by student, teacher or location, providing you with many options to personalize your calendar color coding choices. Color has been proven to brighten our days and make us think better…but how can color coding lessons help you manage your schedule efficiently and become more productive?

Spotting events in the calendar easily

Categorizing information is very helpful when it comes to dealing with a lot of data. Color coding is another way of breaking down information and categorizing it to make the information easier to take in.  Instead of having all the events in your calendar put together in one color, color coding will help you find events faster since it will give your brain a visual clue which is often easier to detect than reading or analyzing information.

Once you become familiar with the colors on your calendar, spotting a particular lesson, location or teacher could be as easy as just glancing at your calendar.

Allows you to visualize different entries

When the events on your calendar are color coded, it is easier to identify when a lesson ends and another begins. Making it easier to find available spots and different lesson times for a particular student, teacher or location.

It is done automatically 

You do not have to select each event on your calendar and assign a color as it is all done automatically. You can choose to change the color to a different color of your preference, but the system will automatically assign a random color to your teachers, students, and locations. All you need to do is decide how you would prefer to color code and manage the settings to meet your needs.

More information 

With Teachworks, your staff and teachers are also able to color code their calendars to improve efficiency. For step by step instructions and to find more information on color coding your calendar visit our knowledge base article on color coding calendar events.

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