Managing Multiple Locations With Teachworks

managing multiple locations

Teachworks has great tools to serve education companies that manage more than one location. When you are managing two or more different locations, you want to be able to manage all locations seamlessly. We have different features available depending on the nature of your business.

1. Managing Multiple Locations From a Master Account 

You can have a master account with different sub-accounts or locations that are managed under a separate profile. This option is used when the teachers and students are different on each location and the invoices and reports need to be kept separate. for more information on creating and managing master accounts see Master Accounts

The master account is free and it gives you access to individual and consolidated reports on all your branches. You can also switch in and out of each of your branch accounts seamlessly through the master giving you access to all the information you need at any time.

Through the master account, you can also create new locations / branches and utilize the same settings on your previous locations, saving you time on the initial set up and helping you make sure all your locations follow the same processes.

Quickbooks Integration 

We recently introduced an advanced integration with QuickBooks for companies that manage multiple locations. You can now sync multiple branches and locations to one QuickBooks account.  All records for each of your locations and branches can be kept under the same QuickBooks Online account. The integration update allows you to sync all the locations managed through the master Teachworks account to your Quickbooks Online. More info: Syncing multiple locations to QuickBooks.

2. Managing Multiple Locations From One Teachworks Account

You can have one Teachworks account with different locations. This option will keep all records and reports all under the main account, but you will be able to schedule lessons to different locations. You can also create entries for different rooms within one location.

For more information on how to manage locations with Teachworks visit our Knowledge Base or Contact Us.

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