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Payroll and billing can be a very tedious and time-consuming task for tutoring businesses.

Early on, most tutoring businesses start the billing and payroll process by collecting employee sheets containing teacher and student hours, then processing them manually. This method can work if your company has less than 5 employees and very few students. However, as your company grows, you will notice the manual payroll system will not be efficient anymore.

How do you make sure you stay on top of your tutoring business success? Choose a management software tool

If your business is taking off, chances are billing and payroll is not the only task that is becoming more time-consuming. Choosing the right management software can help you automate your education business saving you time and money. It can also help you automate scheduling, billing, invoicing payroll, reminders and much more.

For payroll and billing, a great management system for tutoring businesses should have:

1 – Fast and efficient payroll 

No more collecting teacher time sheets.

The business management software you choose should provide an efficient way to process payroll. The software should allow you to pull lesson information directly from the calendar. Creating an accurate report of the hours worked per employee and automating teacher payments, making payroll as easy as selecting a pay period, choosing the lessons you want to include and submitting the payment.

2 – Support a wide variety of methods for charging students. 

The key is automation.

The system should help you reduce clerical errors and save time by automating the way you charge your students. Being able to charge students per hour, by lesson, by service type, flat fee or by package are some of the options you want to have available. As your tutoring business grows, you will need all these options available to accommodate your customer’s preferences.

The software should also allow for the integration of credit card payments. Integrations with payment companies such as Stripe, allow you to start accepting credit card payments in minutes without the need for a merchant account. It also allows customers to pay their balance directly from their invoice – now that’s a time saver!

3 – Flexible Invoicing 

Look for a software that has the ability to create one or many invoices at once pulled right from the calendar, so you do not have to manually input the information. Also, the ability to set up automatic invoicing and payments will save time that you can use to focus on growing your tutoring business. Other important features to keep in mind for invoicing include:

  • Ability to edit invoices when necessary
  • Automatically flag changes to invoices
  • Ability to customize the invoice using your tutoring business logo

These are some of the features a great business management software for a tutoring business should include. Keep in mind that implementing the use of a business management software is easier when your business is starting to take off, as it will help you start off with a strong foundation.

It’s estimated that the benefits offered by a tutoring business management software will likely outweigh the cost of the subscription to the software. Most companies such as Teachworks offer monthly subscriptions as low as $25 per month – a small investment to help you automate your business, save time and money.

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