Teachworks Integrations to Save Time and Money

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When you are the manager, administrator, and sales person for your business time is precious. You shouldn’t have to spend long hours billing and collecting payments, scheduling and confirming classes and imputing hours for the payroll of each one of your instructors. Instead, you want to focus on reading reports about the health of your business and identifying trends and underlying opportunities. Teachworks integrations can help you save time and money.

We created the best business management software in the industry, specialized in helping educators with their growing business. The software makes your day-to-day transactions a breeze and helps you focus on the most important aspects of your business. Some of the Teachworks integrations that save you time and money are:


To accept online payments from your customers you can create a Stripe account and the connect it to your teachworks account. Stripe is a payment processor that provides companies with several unique benefits for payment processing including:

  • No monthly fee or setup fees
  • No fees for declined transactions
  • No merchant account required
  • Begin accepting payments immediately after signing up


Teachworks syncs customers, services, invoices, credit notes and payments from QuickBooks online. Syncing up your account with Teachworks is easy and guaranteed to save you a lot of time!

Invoice Autopilot

The Invoice Autopilot Add-On allows you to set up a schedule that will generate invoices automatically. The invoice autopilot is fully customizable, you can select the start and end of the invoice period. How often you want to generate the invoices and the timing you wish to generate each invoice and much more including lessons to be included etc. Once set up, it will automatically generate invoices on the schedule set so you do not have to create them manually.

Note & Communication Logs

The Note & Communication Logs add-on allows you to record notes or log communications on a customer or student’s profile. These logs are for internal use and are not visible to families or students. You can select the notes to be viewed by admin only, or admin and teachers allowing you to keep confidential information safe.

Results Tracking

Results tracking is great to be able to provide your customers with reports of the progress made by utilizing your services. The results tracking add-on allows you to track student results such as test scores or grades over time. Allowing you to create more value of your services.

More integrations and add-ons

All the Teachworks integrations and add-ons available were customized to help educators with their needs. Take a look at our full integrations and add-ons list. You will most likely find that particular feature you are looking for in a management software for education your business. The best part – our integrations are included in your Teachworks subscription!

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