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We are only a few weeks until the start of the new school year! The 2016/2017  school year is poised to be another strong year for education businesses all over the world.  It is time to improve efficiency and take advantage of the opportunities available to education businesses.

As the growing competitive landscape for better education increases the demand for education services such as tutoring, test preparation, language schools, music schools and even driving schools, people continue to prioritize investing in education.

So how do you make sure your business is ready for growth? – Improve Efficiency and Focus on Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are important factors to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Spending less time on invoicing, billing, scheduling and more time attracting and retaining customers will help you take advantage of opportunities arising in the growing demand for education services. Included in your Teachworks subscription, you have access to many add-ons that will increase productivity and efficiency.

Here are 5  Teachworks add-ons to improve efficiency:

1 – Lesson Requests

The Lesson Requests add-on allows clients to request lessons through their Teachworks user accounts. When a client requests a lesson, an email will be sent to your company email address to notify you of the request and provide some details about the request.  If you’ve enabled Teacher Responses then the teacher in the requested lesson will also receive a notification email.

2 – Lesson Enrolments 

Another way to make scheduling more efficient is through the lesson enrollment feature, this feature allows you to make lessons open for students to enroll themselves. Saving you time and allowing students and parents to choose time slots that work best with their schedule.

3 – Package Balance Alerts 

No need to check each customer profile individually and send them reminders to purchase more lessons/ hours. This add-on allows you to send automatic email alerts to your company and/or a client when the unused lessons or hours in a package drops below a specified level.

4 – Cancellation Notifications

The Cancellation Emails Add-on allows you to send a cancellation email to any students, parents and/or teacher for a lesson who have an email address saved on their profile.  The add-on allows you to adjust the setting to disable the cancellation emails for any groups of recipients (students, parents, or teachers).  If a lesson has been canceled for all students in the lesson, a cancellation email will also be sent to the teacher.

5 – Invoice Autopilot

If invoicing manually is becoming too time consuming, you should definitely try this add-on. It will save you a lot of time! The Invoice Autopilot Add-On allows you to set up a schedule that will generate invoices automatically.

6 – Task Manager

Delegating is a key process in increasing productivity and efficiency. The task manager add-on allows you to assign, manage and track employee tasks.

Interested in implementing any of these add-ons on your Teachworks account? Visit our knowledge base for step-by-step instructions. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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