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Can a lesson scheduling specialized for language schools solve all your problems? We think so, here is an example:

Phone rings…one of your customers wants to schedule a lesson on Thursday at 3pm. She wants to make sure her favorite teacher is available… and she’s in a hurry! So you need to give her an answer right away. You ask her to hold and proceed to manually check her favorite teacher’s availability. After 3-4 minutes of waiting for an answer, your customer is getting impatient… You are finally able to figure out that the teacher is already scheduled on Thursday…Now you need to find a different date.

Don’t you wish there was a better more efficient way to schedule lessons? Good news…There is!

Teachworks is a  Schedule and Management Software for Language Schools. It simplifies your schedule and helps you coordinate different teachers, students and locations fast and efficiently. How?

Multiple Calendar Views & Filters Specialized for Language Schools

Next time you get that call you will be ready…With Teachworks finding an open space is easy, you have access to over 6 different calendar views including teacher, student, month, weekly, daily agenda and locations. You also have access to many filters within your calendar to help you navigate through student, teacher, and locations quicker.

Teacher Availability

Looking to schedule a specific teacher? You can quickly and easily find teacher availability on the Teachworks calendar. The best part? Teachworks also supports personal user accounts so your teachers are able to manage and update their availability. Giving you instant access to the most up-to-date information.

Quick & Easy Scheduling

You can manage the schedule right from the calendar. Changing the duration of a lesson is as easy as dragging the lesson to the desired time and scheduling a new class can be done with just one click!

Spot Scheduling Conflicts

You will never double book a teacher again. The software will automatically spot conflicts on your schedule. Saving you time, reducing clerical errors and making sure your customers are always covered.

There is more…

Personal user accounts, detailed records, email and text notifications…and much more. If you are ready to save time, improve efficiency and take your language business to the next level sign up for free.

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