5 Email Add-on Time-Savers For Better Communication

5 Email Add-on Time-Savers For Better Communication

Teachworks’ built-in Email Add-on is a practical tool for sending informative emails to employees, families, and students. The add-on provides a simple, no-nonsense interface, allowing you to compose and send emails quickly and easily.

In this article, we’ll explore five time-saving features included in the add-on that can help speed up your workflow.

1. Ability To Email A Class

If your tutoring company offers regular group lessons, you can conveniently email everyone assigned to the class directly from the calendar. To activate this option, enable the Email Add-on and then click the “Settings” link. On the Email Settings page, you’ll be able to enable the “Email a Class” setting.

Once activated, clicking on a group lesson in the calendar will reveal a new “Email” link in the pop-up.

Email a class option in lesson modal.

Clicking the Email link will take you directly to the email form, where those assigned to the lesson (tutor, families, and/or students) will be preselected, provided they have a valid email address captured on their profile.

Email a class - recipients selected automatically

2. Saving Email Templates

If you frequently send certain types of informational emails, such as new student/tutor introductions and next steps, or reminders for tutors to update their availability, you can set up email templates for future use. To set up an email template using the Email Add-on, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Email > Send Email
  2. Add a subject and compose your message
  3. Check the “Save Template” checkbox
  4. Give your template a descriptive title
  5. Select recipients (this step is not required for saving a template)
  6. Confirm that the message is non-commercial in nature
  7. Click “Send”

The template will now be available in the “Use Template” selection menu.

If you would like to manage your saved templates, you can click the “Manage Templates” link in the sidebar to easily edit or delete your saved templates.

Managing Email Templates

3. Selecting Recipients in Bulk

The Email add-on displays recipients by type, making it easy to select the relevant people when composing emails. There is a “Select Recipients” menu for Students, Families, and Family Contacts.

Each of these fields has a “Select All” and “Deselect All” link below them, making it easy to add or remove recipients in bulk with a simple click. Additionally, you can add or remove recipients one-by-one.

Select multiple recipients at once

4. Using Merge Tags

Using merge tags makes it possible to personalize emails to employees and clients using the information recorded on their profiles. Instead of manually typing out information like first names, last names, and salutations, you can use merge tags to speed up the process. 

merge tags in emails

The following merge tags are available for emails sent through the Email Add-on:

  • {SALUTATION} – Recipient Salutation/Title
  • {FIRST} – Recipient First Name
  • {LAST} – Recipient Last Name
  • {EMAIL} – Recipient Email Address
  • {COMPANY} – Company Name

5. Viewing Email Logs

Every time you send an email through the Email add-on, an entry is added to the Notification Logs table. In this table, you can view the time an email was sent, the recipient, the type of email sent, the subject of the email, and the result (the response from the recipient’s email provider). The response column will show any dropped emails in red, and you can hover over the status to see what message was returned.

Dropped emails

Having this information readily available makes it possible to be proactive about your communication efforts. Reaching out to clients and employees early on will allow you to follow up sooner, confirm their details sooner, and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

If you would like to use the Email Add-on to manage informational emails for your tutoring business, you can find detailed steps on how to get started on our knowledge base: Email Add-on

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