8 Must-Try Features for Enhanced Communication

Teachworks Communication Features

Effective communication is key when it comes to running a successful teaching business. A sound communication strategy for both internal and external communication can benefit your business in the following ways:

Communication with employees

Regular communication between you and your employees will help to keep them focussed, motivated, and improve overall efficiency. Reaching out to your team often and keeping them informed at all times will ensure that they feel valued and included.

Regular communication with your team will position you as an approachable manager, making it easier for them to follow up with you in a timely manner when a problem arises and allowing you to take action immediately to resolve the problem.

Communication with customers

Regular, meaningful communication between you and your customers will make a lasting impression and will encourage repeat business. In addition it will help to build trust and make you appear more approachable and professional.

When choosing tutoring business management software for your business, make sure to add effective communication tools to your checklist. Teachworks offers a myriad of features aimed at improving communication between you and your customers and employees. This article will look at our 8 most-used features in some more detail.

Internal Communication

1. Lesson Flags Add-on

The Lesson Flags Add-On lets teachers flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrative staff.

Notifications can be enabled to notify the company whenever a lesson is flagged. In addition, a widget can be added to the dashboard to allow the company admin or staff to see flagged lessons as soon as they log into Teachworks.

Not only do these notification feature additions help to improve internal communication, it also ensures that no message goes unread.

2. Internal Lesson Notes

Internal lesson notes can be added when a lesson is completed and is only visible to the company admin, staff with the appropriate permission settings enabled and the teacher assigned to the lesson. This is the perfect place to add notes related to a specific lesson. Teachers can provide more information about what was covered in the lesson, or report on anything important that the company admin or staff should know about.

3. Note & Communication Logs Add-On

This add-on lets you add internal notes directly to customer profiles. Multiple notes can be viewed on a single screen, allowing you to work through them more efficiently. Learn more: Note & Communication Logs Add-On

4. Profile Attachments Add-On

If you’d like to share lengthy notes or resources with your clients or employees, you can attach documents directly to their profile with our Profile Attachments Add-On. This add-on allows clients and employees to have all the information they need at their fingertips.


External Communication

5. Shared Lesson Notes

When completing lessons in Teachworks, you and your employees can add lesson notes and email these notes to families and students.

This feature is useful for providing parents with detailed notes about their child’s lessons. Parents will feel more at ease if they know exactly what’s being covered in each lesson and will be more aware of their child’s problem areas and it may even encourage them to become more involved with their child’s educational journey.

6. Follow Up Add-On

The Follow Up Add-on lets you add a follow up date and note to client profiles. It enables you to stay more organized and allows you to follow up with your clients at exactly the right time.

7. Email Add-On

Email is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with both clients and employees. With our Email Add-On, your Teachworks contacts are grouped by type and you can easily reach out to either all clients or employees or select recipients.

8. MailChimp Integration

Our MailChimp Integration is ideal for companies that want to send beautiful email marketing campaigns, track open rates and view insights. This information is key in enhancing your overall communication strategy.


Bonus: Other features for improved communication

Automated Emails:

Reaching out to clients and employees on a regular basis can be very time consuming, but it will really help you to stand out from your competitors. Teachworks offers a number of email notifications that can be automated and personalized (with the help of merge tags) to help streamline this process. This includes:

  • Lesson Reminder Emails
  • Welcome Emails
  • Lesson Notes Emails
  • New Invoice Notifications
  • Overdue Invoice Reminders
  • Payment Received Notifications
  • Employee Payslip Emails

SMS Features:

SMS is also an effective communication tool that you may want to consider for your teaching business. SMS often boasts higher open rates than email, so utilizing our SMS features will help to get more eyes on your message! Teachworks offers the following SMS features:

  • Welcome SMS
  • SMS Reminders

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