Easy-To-Use Printing Features in Teachworks

Printing features in Teachworks

For many tutoring companies, printing remains an integral part of their operations. Teachworks makes the printing process quick and easy whether you need to print timetables, invoices, progress reports or other records. 

In this article, we’ll look at the various printing features available in Teachworks that allow you to print hardcopies or generate PDFs.

1. All Pages

All pages in Teachworks can be printed, or saved as PDF, by using the built-in “Print” function in your browser (Ctrl + P or Command + P for Mac users). Teachworks has been designed to ensure that when you use the print function in your browser, the content in the main section of the page will print and anything else (such as the navigation menu, sidebar and buttons) will be hidden.

2. Invoices Print View

You can go to Billing > Invoices and click the “Print View” link in the sidebar to see all of your invoices that meet your selected criteria on a one page. This feature makes it very easy to print invoices all at once or to save invoices as PDF.

Some uses for this feature include:

  • If you send invoices by mail, you can print unpaid invoices within a specific date range very efficiently.
  • If you need to send a specific client a copy of all of their invoices, you can type their name in the sidebar to find invoices associated with them. You can then use your browser’s print settings to save their invoices as a single PDF file. This can be emailed to your client for their records.

3. Calendar List View

The Calendar List View makes it possible to view lessons in a list format. To access this feature, go to Calendar > Calendar List View, or click the link in the sidebar on any of the calendar pages.

You can easily filter lessons to display only relevant information and then print it. For example, if you would like to put up a timetable for all lessons that occur at a specific location, or for a specific teacher, you can filter the list to only print the relevant information.

Teachworks provides easy printing features that cater to the needs of tutoring companies that rely on hardcopies. Whether it’s printing individual pages, invoices, or customized timetables, Teachworks simplifies the printing process, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

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