Stripe Direct Debit Payment Options & Other New Updates!

Stripe Direct Debit Payment Options & Other New Updates!

We’ve been working hard to add new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Here’s a quick overview of the latest additions.

Stripe SEPA & BECS Direct Debit Payment Options

  • We have added BECS Direct Debit payments to the Stripe Integration for Australian companies. If you’d like to enable this feature on your account, please let our support team know.
  • We have also added SEPA Direct Debit payments to the Stripe Integration. This feature is available for businesses in Europe. If you’d like to enable it on your account, please reach out to our support team.

Custom Profile Fields Update

  • To ensure added security, we have implemented validation in the Custom Profile Fields add-on to prevent the storage of credit card details in fields.

New Supported Currencies

  • We now support the Colombian Peso and the Armenian Dram as currencies.

Employee Profile Updates

  • We have included a “Salutation” field in employee profiles and the employee Excel download.
  • Teacher accounts now have an “Info” option in the navigation menu, which links to Teacher Tutorials and the Knowledge Base.

More New Features & Enhancements

  • The Breakdowns report now includes an “Invoice Totals” Measure, displaying your invoice totals categorized by status.
  • The bulk lesson status update feature on the Lesson History by Student table now saves the search term, ensuring that the same filter settings are applied to results after the form is submitted.
  • We have fixed the Custom Invoices Add-on to properly display apostrophes in custom labels.
  • A {STATUS} merge tag has been added to the “Cancellation by Administrator/Tutor” email templates, showing the lesson status.
  • The Schedule Lesson Form now displays a message if the conflict checker required fields are missing.
  • We have resolved some formatting issues in the Teachworks API documentation.
  • A bug occurring in the Website Booking Plugin has been fixed. It no longer tries to set a family contact profile as the student’s family if there’s a match in the customer name and email address.

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