Teachworks Limited Access Features: The Full List

Teachworks Limited Access Features

Teachworks provides education companies with tutor management software to speed up scheduling, billing, payroll and much more. We keep the interface as clean as possible to ensure that our clients can complete tasks with ease and accuracy. 

While we don’t offer customizations for individual companies, we do prioritize new features based on requests from our clients. In some cases, features might not be useful for all of our clients (for example something that’s country specific). In these cases, we add limited access features that can be enabled on request. We also limit access to some new features so that they can be thoroughly tested by a smaller number of companies before they become available to everyone.

In this article, we’ll look at the limited access add-ons and features available currently. If you would like to enable any of these features for your company, please reach out to our support team.

Limited Access Add-ons:

1. Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on: This add-on allows you to enable user accounts for families, independent students and child students in bulk using checkboxes.

Limited Access Features: Bulk Enable User Accounts

2. UK Split Invoices Add-on: This add-on is specifically designed for UK companies operating as employment agencies to comply with High Court Ruling EWHC 2461 by allowing clients to pay tutors directly. It separates the teacher portion of lesson fees and deducts them from the invoice total that’s due to the company.

3. Profile Wage Fallback Add-on: This add-on handles wages the same way TutorPanel does by adding a “Lesson Wage Type” to employee profiles. When lessons are scheduled, the Service List Wage will be used if it’s greater than zero. If not, the wage set on the employee’s profile will be used instead.

Limited Access Features: Profile Wage Fallback

Limited Access Settings:

1. Require Approval for Bookings: This setting adds the functionality of the Lesson Requests Add-on to the Website Booking Plugin. When enabled, all booked lessons will have a “Requested” status and administrators will be able to accept, modify or decline requests.

Limited Access Features: Require Booking Approval

2. Adjustable Booking Time Zone: This setting allows clients to set the time zone for their bookings when using the Website Booking Plugin. If it’s not enabled, bookings will use the company’s time zone.

Adjustable Booking Time Zones

3. Sales Tax by Line: This feature is only available to non-US companies and provides consistency with QuickBooks. It adds a “Sales Tax by Line Item” setting to the Invoice Settings section on the Account Settings page in Teachworks. When enabled, sales tax will be calculated per line item instead of on the subtotal.

4. Custom Invitations Without Sending: If you’re using the Custom Form Invitations Add-on, this setting provides an option to not send emails to users that are selected.

5. Teacher Invoice Company Address: This option makes the company address on Teacher Invoices editable, allowing companies to change the address while creating teacher invoices directly on the form. 

Teacher Invoice Company Address

6. Invoice Company Address: This option allows companies to manually set the company address when creating invoices.

7. Student ID in Sidebar: When enabled, a Student’s ID will display in the sidebar when viewing their profile.

Student ID in Sidebar Example

8. Editable Stripe ID field: If you’re using the Stripe Integration to handle online payments, this option will make the Stripe “Customer ID” field editable on Family and Independent Student profiles. This feature is useful for companies switching to Teachworks from a different software program if they already have client credit cards saved in Stripe. Once you’ve added a Stripe ID to a client’s profile, it will connect their Teachworks profile with their Stripe profile and allow them to pay invoices securely with their saved credit cards in Stripe.

9. Staff SMS Logs Access: If you’re using any of our SMS features, this option will grant staff users with the ability to view SMS Logs without needing access to the Integrations & Add-ons page.

10. Service in Employee Hours & Earnings table: When this option is enabled, a service column will be displayed in the Employee Hours Detailed table.

Service Column In Employee Hours & Earnings table

11. “Scheduled” Custom Status: This setting allows companies to map custom statuses to the “Scheduled” status in the Custom Lesson Statuses Add-on. It’s especially useful for rescheduled or make-up lessons to ensure that reminders are sent for the new date.

Custom Lesson Statuses

12. Customer Balance Date Filter: This option allows companies to add a date filter to the Customer Balances table. This is useful for pulling a point-in-time accounts receivable report.

Teachworks’ Free Integrations & Add-ons:

In addition to our core features (including scheduling, invoicing and calculating employee hours & earnings), we also provide more than 60 Integrations & Add-ons to add even more functionality to your Teachworks account. You can view the full list here: Free Integrations & Add-Ons

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