Teachworks’ SMS Features: More Value for Less


SMS messages generally have significantly higher open rates than emails, making it a great choice for improving communication between you and your customers. Using our SMS Lesson Reminder Add-On will allow you to reach more clients and employees almost instantly, thereby reducing absences and last minute cancellations. To make this feature more accessible to everyone, we’ve decided to lower our prices.

Here are a few examples:

United States

  • Old Price per SMS: $0.0275
  • New Price per SMS: $0.0098


  • Old Price per SMS: $0.0275
  • New Price per SMS: $0.0098


  • Old Price per SMS: $0.085
  • New Price per SMS: $0.0741

SMS prices are based on the country of the recipient. To view prices by country, go to the Integrations & Add-Ons page in your Teachworks account and go to the SMS Lesson Reminders / Welcome SMS section. From here you can click the “Buy Credits” link. On this page, select the country in the “View SMS Rates by Country” menu to review prices.

Teachworks currently offers two SMS features

1. SMS Lesson Reminder Add-On

Our SMS Lesson Reminder add-on allows you to send automatic lesson reminders to your customers and employees through SMS. The add-on comes with 3 fully customizable templates (for families, students & employees) and you can further personalize them by adding the relevant merge tags.

sms reminders

2. Welcome SMS Add-On

Our Welcome SMS Add-On allows you to welcome new clients and employees to your education business through text message. It comes with 3 customizable templates (for employees, students and families), allowing you to craft the perfect welcome message for each type of recipient. You can also include merge tags to personalize your message.

Welcome SMS templates

Are you interested in taking advantage of our reduced SMS prices and using our features for your education business? Here are a few resources to help you get started!

  1. SMS Lesson Reminders Add-On
  2. Troubleshooting SMS Lesson Reminders
  3. Welcome SMS Add-On

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