Invoice Autopilot Add-on: Catch Uninvoiced Lessons Automatically

Invoice Autopilot Add-on: Catch Uninvoiced Lessons Automatically

The Invoice Autopilot Add-on is one of our most popular features due to the flexibility and time savings it offers. The add-on allows you to set up a schedule that will generate invoices automatically.

Previously, if your company invoiced for lessons in advance, and lessons were added in the period after invoices have been generated, you would need to invoice the period again. Companies easily managed this by either invoicing manually in bulk, or creating a separate catch-up schedule. 

We have simplified this process even further by adding a setting to the Invoice Autopilot Add-on to handle this situation automatically. In this article, we’ll discuss this setting in more depth.

The Invoice Autopilot Add-on

The Invoice Autopilot Add-on makes it possible to automate the invoicing process. It allows you to set up recurring schedules to generate invoices automatically based on your selected settings. 

Learn more about this time-saving add-on here: Invoice Autopilot Add-on

How to Include Uninvoiced Lessons on Future Invoices 

Setting up an Invoice Autopilot schedule is a two-step process. The first step is to customize the “Schedule Settings”. These settings will determine when invoices are generated and offer a lot of variety to accommodate your specific billing needs. 

The second step is choosing “Invoice Settings”. This step determines what appears on your invoices and it’s also where you will find the setting to “Include Uninvoiced Lessons from Previous Period”.

In order to add uninvoiced lessons from the previous period on a new invoice, the following conditions need to be met:

  • The “Invoices Repeat” field needs to be set to either Weekly or Monthly (step 1)
  • The “Timing” field needs to be set to the “Beginning” of the invoice period (step 1)
  • The “Add Lessons to Invoices” checkbox needs to be checked (step 2)
Invoice Autopilot Add-on: Schedule settings and Invoice Settings

Once the setting has been enabled, lessons added to the calendar during a period that has already been invoiced, will be added to a client’s next invoice automatically.

For Example: Let’s say you invoice clients at the beginning of each month. Invoices for April have already been sent to your clients for their upcoming lessons. If a particular student schedules an additional lesson on April 26th, that lesson will be included on their May 1st invoice.

Other Invoicing Options in Teachworks

Not all companies want to generate invoices automatically. If your company sells lesson packages for example, these packages will run out at different times, so invoices will not be generated on a consistent schedule. Teachworks makes it easy to create single invoices as needed, as well as bulk invoices

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