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The Teachworks Website Booking Plugin has come a long way since it was first launched in 2017. We’ve added many additional settings and options based on feedback we’ve received from our clients. 

In this article, we’ll provide some general information about the Website booking plugin, highlight the latest enhancements, and look at some bonus (optional) options.

More About The Website Booking Plugin

The Website Booking Plugin allows you to add a button or link to your website that clients can click to book lessons, join open classes or enroll in courses. The booking button and text can be customized to match your website and you can choose between a button that displays along the bottom edge of the browser, a normal button that can be added to any page on your website, or you can add a link.

The plugin can be used by new and existing clients and depending on who’s booking, the following will happen:

  • If a new client completes a booking, the information entered is used to create a new profile in Teachworks.
  • If an existing client completes a booking, the lesson(s) will be associated with their Teachworks profile automatically.
  • If an existing client completes a booking but some of their details are different (in the event of a typo, or if an email address is different), you’ll be able to easily merge their profile with the corresponding profile in Teachworks.

Learn more about the Website Booking Plugin and the benefits it holds for your company here: Website Booking Plugin: Scheduling Simplified

Latest Website Booking Updates

Below is a quick summary of the latest functionality we’ve added to the Website Booking Plugin over the past few months.

Online / In-Person Lessons

It is now possible to add an additional step to the booking process to allow clients to choose between “Online” or “In-Person” lessons. You can choose which locations to assign to both of these options and you can customize the label that appears.

Website Booking Plugin: Online or In-Person Options

Learn more about this feature here: Online and Offline Bookings

Adjustable Time Zones

We’ve added an adjustable time zones feature that will allow your clients to select their preferred time zone when booking lessons or enrolling in classes.

Website Booking Plugin: Adjustable Time Zone

This article goes into more detail about the feature: Adjustable Time Zones.

Book Multiple Lessons

We’ve added a setting that allows you to specify how many lessons your clients can book at once. 

Website Booking Plugin: Book Multiple Lessons

Visit our Knowledge Base for more information about this feature: Booking Multiple Lessons

Limit Student Types 

We have added an option that allows you to control the types of students that can submit bookings. Booking form fields will change based on your selection of Family Students, Independent Students or both.

Website Booking Plugin: Student Types

Optional (Bonus) Features

In addition to the core features offered by the Website Booking Plugin, we’ve also added some optional features that can be enabled on request. This includes:

  • The ability to handle bookings like Lesson Requests
  • The ability to add multiple Website Booking Plugins to your website

You can find the full list of bonus features here: Bonus Website Booking Plugin Options

Teachworks’ Stripe Integration

Teachworks offers a full integration with Stripe, one of the leading payment processors in the world. Stripe is safe and secure and will give your clients peace of mind when they submit their payment information online.

Teachworks’ Stripe Integration also works with Website Bookings. You can easily charge clients at the time of booking to make sure they are all paid up ahead of their lessons. Learn more about this time saver here: Paying through the Website Booking Plugin

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