Build Custom Software With The Teachworks API

Teachworks API

Do you want to connect your Teachworks account with other software programs that you use, or with your tutoring business website? Our API is the perfect solution for your custom requirements! 

The Teachworks API is an application programming interface that allows you to access the data in your Teachworks account in order to develop custom integrations and software. You can build anything from a student/tutor matching solution on your website to an integration with custom form software. 

In this article, we’ll explore some frequently asked questions related to the API. We’ll also talk about the supported endpoints and the most recent additions.

Frequently asked API questions

1. Is the API free to use?

The API is free to use, but you have to be subscribed to our Growth or Premium plans to access it. 

2. How easy is it to build custom solutions? Can anyone do it?

It really depends on the type of solution you would like to build. If you have some programming knowledge, you may be able to build these solutions yourself. However, most companies hire a web developer to assist.

An alternative (depending on your specific requirements) is to use our Zapier Integration. Zapier is a task automation software program that allows you to easily connect your Teachworks account to over 3000 applications. Some examples: PayPal, Square, Zoho, Salesforce and JotForm.

3. Do I get access to technical support?

We offer email support to all of our clients. Our support team can answer most of your API questions, but will escalate your question to a developer if needed.

If you would like your developer to contact us directly, please have them CC you in on the correspondence or send us their details ahead of time. This will make it easier for us to look into questions.

4. Can Teachworks develop custom integrations and software for me using the API?

We don’t develop custom integrations and software at this time. However, there are many websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can find developers for your specific budget. Be sure to look at ratings and portfolios before hiring a developer. 

5. What are some examples of integrations & software I can build?

  • If you require an integration with a payment processor that’s not on Zapier, you could use the API to build one.
  • If you require an integration with custom form software that’s not supported on Zapier, the API will allow you to build something custom.
  • If you would like to add a student/tutor matching system to your website, you could use the API to do this based on location, subject and more. 
  • Teachworks offers a free Website Booking Plugin, but if your requirements are very specific you could use the API to build a custom solution. There are endpoints for creating families, students and lessons, so once a booking has been made, it can be added to Teachworks automatically.

Latest Updates

We’ve recently added the following endpoints and enhancements:

  • Added Create / Update Employee endpoints
  • Added Set Employee Status endpoint
  • Added Create Wage Payment / Update Wage Payment endpoints
  • Added Subjects endpoint
  • Added Create Lesson endpoint
  • Added Other Compensation endpoints
  • Added Work Type endpoints for non-teaching events
  • Improved the speed of the “List Invoices” endpoint
  • Added a user-friendly message for RangeError (ie. when the “page” parameter is submitted with an invalid value.

You can find more information along with documentation about the supported endpoints on our knowledge base: Teachworks API.

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