4 Tools for Better Communication & Coordination with your Team

Internal Communication between staff members is crucial for departments or teams, as it allows you to keep your employees connected by keeping information flowing. With many tutoring businesses now using an online model, internal communication becomes even more important as many of the tutors are not onsite.

As tutoring business software, Teachworks understands the importance of internal communication between team members. For this reason, Teachworks provides a number of features and tools that can be used to help your tutoring business keep employees informed and promote healthy internal communication. Below you can find some of the features Teachworks offers to help your team communicate and coordinate effectively.

1. Flag Lessons With The Lesson Flags Add-on

The Lesson Flags Add-on lets teachers flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrative staff and after they view it, they can begin to coordinate a resolution and assist the teachers. As staff members are not always available when issues arise, flagging lessons is also a great method to ensure an indirect line of communication reaches them in a timely manner. This can be done by enabling email notifications that will send an email to the company email address each time a lesson is flagged.

Find out more about the Lesson Flags Add-on here: Lesson Flags Add-on.

2. Improve Internal Communication With Internal Notes

A teacher can use the Internal Notes field to leave notes about what information was covered during the lesson, such as the chapters of a book that were read, plans for the next upcoming lesson, or other useful notes about the lesson. Internal lesson notes are great to use as they provide the ability for a teacher to refer back to past lessons to review what was covered, allowing them to better prepare for future lessons.

Internal lesson notes also provide the ability for other teachers that share the same student to refer to the notes left by another teacher, allowing them to better prepare and coordinate for their own lessons with that student.

Find out more about recording internal lesson notes here: Lesson Notes.

3. Record Important Information With The Notes & Communication Logs Add-on

This is a useful add-on to use as it allows teachers to record important information related to a particular client. As an example, if a client has specific billing requirements that need to be met or if a teacher was required to contact a client, the details of what occurred can be recorded directly on the client’s profile.

Administrative staff employees can also enter important information on client profiles that teachers need to be made aware of. This will ensure that any team member that needs to interact with the client will be up to speed and know of all the important information related to that client.

Find out more about notes and communication logs here: Notes & Communication Logs Add-on.

4. Speed Up Internal Communication With The Shared Resources Add-on

This add-on lets you share information, links and more on all employee, customer, or student profiles at once. 

This is the perfect add-on if you have files for onboarding new teachers you’d like to share or providing lesson guidelines and requirements that can be shared with all of your employees at once.

Find out more about sharing resources here: Shared Resources Add-on.


The features that we’ve covered above are great tools that specifically enhance your ability to communicate and coordinate with your team. However, Teachworks also has general tools for sharing information, such as customer profiles that store information about your clients, profile attachments that can be used to store important documents related to individual clients or employees, or the calendar which can be used to add all upcoming events and lessons or important meetings for employees.

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