Avoid Scheduling Clashes With The Conflict Checker

Scheduling Conflicts: Avoid Clashes The Easy Way

Teachworks offers a built in conflict checker feature that can be used by you, your employees, and your clients when they request lessons. The conflict checker’s functionality can easily be expanded as needed by enabling certain add-ons. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about conflict checking in Teachworks.

1. The Teachworks Conflict Checker

When scheduling lessons in Teachworks, you can click the “Check Conflicts” button to identify any conflicts related to teachers and locations. If a conflict exists, you can take the appropriate action proactively instead of having to go back and update teachers, times and dates.

Conflict Checker Button

The conflict checker will look for the following:

  • Teacher conflicts – conflicts are displayed for a teacher’s lessons, other events, unavailability and hours outside of the availability set on their profiles.
  • Location conflicts – these are shown for locations that have the “Show Conflicts” setting enabled. A conflict will be displayed if other lessons (excluding missed/cancelled lessons) or non-teaching events exist with the same location.
Display conflicts for locations. Location Settings.

If you’ve enabled the Lesson Requests Add-on for your clients, they will be able to use the same conflict checker feature to see if their selected teacher has any conflicts.

2. Conflict Checker Add-ons

The add-ons below can be enabled to extend the functionality of the default conflict checker.

Student Conflict Checker Add-on

Once enabled, this add-on will include student conflicts along with teacher and location conflicts when scheduling lessons. 

Conflict Validator Add-on 

This add-on makes it possible to add different conflict validation rules by user type (Clients, Teachers, Administrators & Staff). Options include:

  1. Off: This setting allows scheduling and will not do an automatic check.
  2. Prevent Scheduling: This option will prevent lessons from being scheduled if a conflict exists and will tell the scheduler to address the conflicts before the lesson can be scheduled.
  3. Allow Override: The option will display the conflicts, but will give the scheduler the option to override it and schedule the lesson anyway. This option is not available to clients.
Conflict Validator Add-On Settings

If you would like to use this feature for your business, you can get started with these steps: Conflict Validator Add-on

Vehicle Manager Add-on

This add-on was designed specifically for Driving Schools to make it easier to manage behind-the-wheel sessions. The add-on will display any conflicts if there’s a clash with a particular vehicle. 

After enabling the Vehicle Manager Add-on, a dedicated Vehicle calendar will be added to your calendars as well. This calendar makes it easy to spot conflicts at a glance and you can click and drag lessons to a new row to update the associated vehicle instantly.

Learn more about this add-on here: Vehicle Manager Add-on

3. Other Features 

In addition to the conflict checker, you can also use our various calendars and calendar views to schedule lessons without conflicts. 

  • The Main Calendar for teacher conflicts: If the main calendar is filtered by “teacher” and you’re on the “Week” or “Day” view, unavailability will be greyed out. You can click on an available time slot to quickly add a lesson.
  • Teacher Calendar for teacher conflicts: The teacher calendar makes it easy to spot conflicts at a glance. The “Day” view also has unavailability greyed out and you can click an available time slot to add a lesson right away. If a teacher is scheduled for multiple lessons at the same time, you can update the teacher assigned to a lesson by clicking and dragging the lesson to a new teacher’s row.
Click and drag lessons in teacher calendar.
  • Location Calendar for location conflicts: The location calendar makes it possible to spot location conflicts at a glance. You can drag lessons to a new row to instantly update the location assigned to a particular lesson. You can also click a time slot to add a lesson from this calendar.

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