Activity Logs Add-on & Other New Updates!

We have added some exciting new features and enhancements to Teachworks recently! Below is everything you need to know.

1. New Add-on: Activity Logs

We’ve added an Activity Logs Add-on that allows companies to track the actions taken by administrators and employees such as adding, updating and deleting records. It tracks activity for lessons, invoices, payments, profiles, settings, add-ons and much more! A timestamp and user is included in the table to make it easy to investigate any issues that may arise.

This is our first Pro add-on and it comes with a free 3-week trial to give you time to thoroughly test it out for your business. Learn more here: Activity Logs Add-on (Pro)

2. Customer Cancellation Add-on Updates

  • We are now storing the lesson details in the Customer Cancellation record so that they will be available for reference if the company subsequently deletes the lesson that was cancelled.
  • We have corrected a permission setting that was resulting in the customer cancellations table not displaying cancellations in some accounts.
  • We have added a more user-friendly message that appears if a customer tries to cancel a lesson that has already been deleted.
  • We have added an option to display a “Cancellation Reason” field in the Customer Cancellations Add-on.
  • We have added the {CANCEL-REASON} merge tag to the Customer Cancellation email templates.
  • We have fixed a bug that was affecting the Customer Cancellation notifications being sent to teachers for some lesson cancellations.

3. Website Booking Plugin Updates

  • We have updated the Lesson Bookings table to allow you to export your bookings and booking field values to Excel.
  • We have updated the repetition text for open courses that have more than 10 repeating lessons to account for any dates removed from the course.

4. Teacher Invoices Add-on Updates

  • We have added the ability for Staff employees with the “Include as Teacher” setting enabled to create their own Teacher Invoices when this option is enabled in the Teacher Invoice Add-on settings.
  • We’ve added a setting to the Teacher Invoices Add-on that lets you enable Sales Tax.

5. Invoicing Updates

  • We’ve added a surcharge column to the Invoices table download.
  • We have updated the “Create Single Invoice” form to make line item totals with more than 2 decimal places rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places in order to be consistent with the other invoice creation methods in Teachworks.

6. New Supported Currency

We have added the Central Pacific Franc to our list of supported currencies.

7. Other Updates & Enhancements

  • We have added a search field, sort functionality and pagination to the Custom Forms Add-on list.
  • It’s now possible to send Schedule Confirmation emails to family contacts.
  • We’ve added a required typed confirmation in order to replace existing grades with blank values when incrementing grade levels in bulk.
  • The Lesson Requests notification now displays the assigned location as a link (if applicable) in the request response emails.
  • We’ve updated the process of editing an invoice with a package where packages are assigned to students. When changing the student, the current unit price will remain unchanged rather than updating based on the new student’s billing method.
  • We have changed the Salutation field on customer profiles from a Select Menu to a Text field to allow for custom salutations.
  • We have added a standard_subject_ids parameter for creating and updating students to the API docs (this was already supported, but not documented).

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