Low Cost Methods for Marketing Your Tutoring Business

When you’re just getting started with your tutoring business, you probably won’t have a large budget for marketing initiatives. While marketing is important for getting your brand in front of more eyes, it doesn’t have to break the bank when you’re just starting out. In this article, we’ll look at a few different cost-effective methods that you can use to grow your business early on.

1. Target Your Initiatives To High Impact Locations

Focusing on locations that have high student/family foot traffic is a great way to create awareness about your new business. Since you are providing services to students and families with children, these spaces provide a highly relevant advertising space. 

A breakdown of the costs involved:

  • Designing brochures/posters: You can use free design tools to do this yourself.
  • Printing brochures/posters: Shop around online to find printers that offer the best rates. If your brochure is fairly simple, you could also print them out at home.
  • Travel costs: Plan ahead and make sure you know exactly where each location is to avoid unnecessary travel.  

Below are a few locations that are ideal for advertising your tutoring business and services:

Schools: Schools provide easy access to hundreds of students, making it the perfect spot to advertise your tutoring services. Guidance offices and student services offices provide students with academic help, so start here by introducing yourself to counselors. Tell them more about yourself, the service you offer, the location that you operate in etc. Ask them if it would be possible to leave some brochures or put up a poster to promote your business.

Libraries: Public libraries typically have bulletin boards where local businesses advertise their services, making it a great place to leave some of your brochures and pamphlets. Identify all the libraries in the area that you provide services to and ask the staff how to go about getting your tutoring business information up.

Community Centers: Community centers provide family-friendly activities, making it a popular spot for young families and a great place to promote your tutoring services. Visit reception to find out how you can post your brochures and/or posters without breaking any rules.

Coffee Shops/Cafes: This one is at the bottom of the list because it’s not as targeted as the locations above. However, coffee shops and cafes still receive a lot of foot traffic, so it’s definitely worth the effort to try it out. Ask the manager if you can leave your brochures, pamphlets or posters somewhere with good visibility.

If you tutor university level students, look for coffee shops and cafes that are popular among college students.

2. Explore Online Marketing Options

When people are in need of services, they typically start their research online by doing a quick Google search. For this reason, you may want to shift some of your focus to online advertising.

The internet provides some great free and paid options that we’ll discuss in more detail below.

Google My Business Listing:

If your business has a physical address, you can sign up for a Google My Business Listing. This free feature allows you to share a summary of your business information with prospective clients (contact details, business hours, reviews, photos and more information). People using Google Search or Google Maps in your area will see your business information and will be able to get in contact with minimal effort. Make sure your details are always up to date to ensure that you don’t miss out on potential business.

Your Own Website:

Having a website is a good opportunity to provide more information about your business that you will not be able to fit on a brochure, pamphlet or poster. Make sure that you include a URL to your website on your marketing materials or even a QR code to make it even easier for prospective clients to find more information.

Running a website is not entirely free — you will need to pay hosting fees and possibly a developer to help you get started. If you are somewhat tech savvy, you can build your own website using tools like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.

Be Social:

Social media is an effective way to reach more prospective clients. You don’t have to register everywhere, but focus on the leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and identify where your target audience is most active.

Leading social media platforms have plenty of resources to help you create an effective business page for your company. If you do have some budget to spare, you may want to look into advertising options to get your page in front of a wider audience. As with all online advertising, start small and see how your campaigns perform before investing too much money.

Google AdWords:

If your website is still new, it’s unlikely that you’ll appear on the first page of search results when people Google tutoring companies in their area. Using Google AdWords is a great help to get your business in front of people while your search engine rankings improve.

While Google AdWords is not a free service, you have full control over your own budget and targeting. You may want to brush up on your AdWords knowledge before getting started to make sure you get the most out of your ads.

Tutor Directories:

A lot of people looking for tutors check online tutor directories, which makes it a good place to promote your tutoring services. Some directories allow you to list for free, but some do require a fee. You may want to do some research on www.alexa.com to see how much traffic paid directories receive before using them for your business.

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