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Finding great tutor management software for your business usually involves evaluating many different software options. To make sure you choose the right software for your business, you may want to start by creating a detailed checklist listing your requirements. Here are some tips to narrow down your search: Choosing The Best Tutoring Software

Teachworks has many tools (including a demo video) that help make the evaluation process quick and easy. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 of them in more detail.

1. Take advantage of a free 3-week trial

The best way to evaluate software is to try it for yourself. We offer a free 3-week trial with no restrictions and no payment information required upfront. 

When you login to your Teachworks account, a progress bar is visible at the top of the page to guide you through our core features. The progress bar keeps you on track and makes the setup process painless.

You will also receive helpful emails during your trial that provide more information about our features and resources. 

Start your free trial here: Teachworks Trial

2. Browse our website

Our website includes useful and detailed information about our features and is a great research tool. It includes:

  • A feature tour that covers our main and most popular features.
  • Landing pages for specific types of education businesses (such as music schools/driving schools etc). These pages contain tailored information for different types of companies.
  • An overview video of what Teachworks is and what we offer.
  • A detailed FAQ section (we also answer billing FAQs on our pricing page)
  • A getting started guide.
  • An Integrations & Add-ons page that provides more information about our 50+ free integrations and add-ons. 

Visit our website here: Teachworks Website

3. View our tutorials & knowledge base

We offer image and video tutorials that cover the main features in Teachworks. You can use these along with your free trial to set up your account. If you don’t really have time to sign up for a trial, you can scan through the tutorials to get a better idea of what the software has to offer.  

You can access our tutorials here: Teachworks Tutorials

We also have a detailed knowledge base with step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of each of our features. This is a great tool to use with your free trial, but if you have a list of requirements, you can quickly search through the knowledge base to see if Teachworks meets your requirements.

You can access our Knowledge Base here: Teachworks Knowledge Base

4. Watch our demo video

The Teachworks demo video is great for getting an in depth view of the software without actually signing up for a trial. It covers all the main settings and functionality and explains how you can go about contacting our support team.

You can access the teachworks demo video here: Teachworks Demo

5. Visit our demo website 

The Teachworks demo website showcases the customer facing features Teachworks offers. This includes the Website Booking Plugin, Custom Forms, an Inquiry Form, Website Profiles and the Remote Login.

You can find the demo website here: Teachworks Demo Website

6. Browse the Teachworks blog

You are currently reading this article on the Teachworks blog! Our blog contains useful information about our current, new and upcoming features. It also has useful tips and tricks to help you grow your business.

7. Contact us for anything else

If you still have questions that the tools above could not address, you can send us a message and our support team will be happy to assist! 

If you’re on a trial, you can use the contact widget in your account. You can also send us a message directly from our website using the “Contact Us” button that appears in the bottom right corner of the website.

Ready to try Teachworks for your tutoring business? Click below to start your free 3-week trial.

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