Customer Cancellation Add-on and other new updates!

Customer Cancellation Add-on

Below is a quick summary of our latest features, enhancements and fixes. You can also visit the Change Log in your Teachworks account for more information.

1. Customer Cancellation Add-on

This brand new add-on allows customers to cancel their own upcoming lessons. They can cancel lessons through Lesson Reminder Emails, or through their Teachworks account.

Follow the steps in our knowledge base to get started with this feature: Customer Cancellation Add-on

2. API Updates

We have added the following Endpoints:

  • Lesson Totals employee endpoint – to retrieve total duration, earnings or count for an employee.
  • Earnings employee endpoint – to retrieve total earnings for lessons, other events and other compensation.
  • Create Wage Payment & Update Wage Payment
  • Subjects 
  • Other Compensation

We have also made the following API enhancements: 

  • Improved the speed of the “List Invoices” endpoint
  • Added a user-friendly message for RangeError (ie. when the “page” parameter is submitted with an invalid value)
  • We have fixed the formatting of sample post data in the API docs for the Create Lesson endpoint.

3. Zapier Updates

  • We have made the Teachworks Zapier app 2.0.0 the new Public Version.
  • We have added fields for sending welcome emails and enabling user accounts when creating families and students using the create family / create student actions.

4. Records & Reports Updates

  • We have added a School and Grade column to the Column Field in the Lesson Summary Report.
  • We have fixed the calculation for the “Last Invoice Date” column in the Customer download.  It was incorrectly setting this field to empty if an approved invoice was saved with a date that was less than the current last invoice date.

5. Website Booking Plugin

We have added an option to the Website Booking Plugin Form Fields settings that allows you to choose which booking mode to display fields for (ie. booking, joining, both).

6. Other Enhancements

  • We have added a currency option for the Chilean Peso to our list of supported currencies.
  • We have added an alert box to the Complete Lesson form that appears if the duration of the lesson is changed and if the cost or wage fields are editable to remind the user to update the cost and/or wage.
  • We have improved the process method for matching to existing family & child student records when updating profiles using the Import Students feature.
  • We have updated Custom Form Invitations with Credit Card fields to now require a credit card if the customer profile doesn’t have a card saved.
  • We have added a “Dashboard Settings” link under the Account tab in Teacher accounts.  This allows them to customize dashboard widgets on their account.
  • We have added an “Add Credit Card” link to the main section on a Customer’s Credit Card page to make it more visible on mobile devices.
  • We have added a new {INVOICE-SUBTOTAL} merge tag to Invoice Email templates.
  • We have added separate “Require Status” settings for internal and shared notes in the Enhanced Lesson Completion add-on.

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