New Add-on: Invoice Surcharges

Invoice Surcharges Add-on

If you’re looking for an easy way to add surcharges to invoices, this new add-on is a great time-saver. 

The Invoice Surcharges Add-on makes it possible to create different surcharges with percentage and/or fixed amounts. These surcharges can be added to your invoices by simply selecting them from a drop-down menu.

How it works

The Invoice Surcharge Add-on can be enabled on the Integrations & Add-Ons page in your Teachworks account. Once you’ve enabled the add-on, you can add as many surcharges as you require. 

For each surcharge, you can to complete the following fields:

  • Name: This appears in the menu for selecting a surcharge on invoices. If you’ll be adding various surcharges, be sure to make this as descriptive as possible to avoid any confusion.
  • Label: This label will appear on your invoices, so make sure that it’s descriptive as well to limit any confusion from your clients.
  • Fixed Amount: If you would like to add a fixed amount to invoices, you can complete this field. 
  • Percentage: If you would like to add a surcharge that is a percentage of the invoice total, you can complete this field.
  • Note: In some cases you may want to add a fixed amount and a percentage to invoices. In this case, you can complete the field for both.
Invoice Surcharge - Adding Surcharges for Credit Cards and ACH Bank Transfer

You can also select a default surcharge to use for all invoices. If you don’t typically charge an additional fee to customers, you can set the default to “none”.

Default Surcharge Setting Set to None

When generating invoices, you can select the surcharge you’ve created from a drop down menu.

Surcharge selection on invoice

The feature can be used with the following invoice features:

1. When creating single invoices

2. When creating multiple invoices at once. The surcharge you select will be added to all invoices automatically once they are generated.

3. When generating invoices through the Invoice Autopilot Add-on. If you have a group of customers that pay by credit card every month, you can add them to the same invoice autopilot schedule to automate the process.

For more detailed steps on using this feature, visit our Knowledge Base: Invoice Surcharge Add-on.

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