Has this lesson been paid for yet?

Has this lesson been paid for yet?

Staying organized with payments is an important part of running a successful tutoring business. Teachworks makes it easy for tutors and staff to see if a lesson has been paid for. This post will explore two methods for viewing lesson payment statuses in Teachworks.

1. Viewing the payment status for a single lesson

The “Display Invoice Status on Lesson Modal” setting lets you see the payment status of a lesson right from the calendar. 

The feature is especially useful for tutors that need to quickly verify payment statuses ahead of lessons. However, if your tutors don’t need to access this information, you can make it visible to administrators and staff only.


Go to Account & Settings > Account Settings > Invoice Settings > Invoice Status on Lesson Modal and choose who to make it visible to. Save the form.

Invoice Status on Lesson Modal Screenshot


Once the feature has been enabled, you can click a lesson on the calendar and select the “View” option. On the pop-up, you’ll be able to see the following information:

  • If the lesson has been included on an invoice. If it has, the corresponding invoice number will be displayed.
  • The status of the invoice (either paid or unpaid).
  • A link to view the invoice (the invoice can only be accessed by the admin or staff with permission).
Lesson pop-up screenshot

For more information about this feature, visit our Knowledge Base: Making a Lesson’s Invoice/Paid Status Viewable in View Lesson Modal

2. Viewing payment statuses for multiple lessons 

The Lesson History by Student table is useful for quick access to lesson information. One great time-saver is the ability to view only lessons that have been included on a paid invoice. With this information readily available, you can verify payments for multiple lessons at a time.

To view lessons that have been included on a paid invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Calendar > Lesson History by Student
  2. Select the relevant date range
  3. Choose the “Invoiced – Paid” filter
  4. Click Go

You will see the corresponding invoice number next to each lesson and you can click the number to access the invoice. 

Note: The invoice number is not visible in tutor accounts and they will only be able to see lesson information for their assigned students.

Staying on top of payments will help to keep your business running smoothly. Teachworks can automate the tracking process and reduce admin headaches. The tools discussed in this post can be used by administrators, staff, and tutors with permission to quickly and accurately verify payment statuses for single lessons or lessons in bulk.

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