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Do you want to grow your tutoring company by establishing a brand image? Developing a consistent and polished brand throughout all areas of your business can help your company become more successful. Using customizable tutoring software like Teachworks is a great option to help you match and reinforce your branding with every customer interaction. 

In this article, we will explain how Teachworks allows you to personalize the software with your company’s terminology, colours, logo, and customizable website integrations that reinforce your brand and help the overall success of your business. 

Benefits of Teachworks’ branding

Using Teachworks as your tutoring platform offers some distinct advantages for companies with an established brand. 

1. Consistency with your existing brand 

A polished, consistent brand across all platforms looks professional and leaves a lasting impression. 

Our customization options allow you to make Teachworks an extension of your brand. By modifying the terminology used, colours, and general style of certain features, you can stay consistent with your existing brand. 

2. Enhanced functionality without compromising brand identity 

There are multiple features within Teachworks that you can add to your website that allow you to customize their appearance to match your brand identity. You can take advantage of new functions and features that enhance your customer experience, without any inconsistencies in brand image. 

Teachworks’ customization options 

There are many ways to personalize your brand in Teachworks. For example, your account has its own dedicated login page that displays your company name or logo. This means that each time your clients, teachers, or staff log into their accounts, your brand image is reinforced. Below we will discuss some of the features and options available to you in your Teachworks account! 

Dedicated Login Page 

When you, your teachers, staff or clients log in, it’s through your company’s own login page. This page displays your company name and/or logo beside the login form and is available on your own Teachworks subdomain (ex. With your branding on a high-quality platform, your company can appear more professional to your clients.

Website Login Form 

If you have a website, an additional way you can allow your users to log in is directly from any page on your site. The Remote Login Add-on is easy to add without any coding experience, and you can visually customize this form’s colours and text to match the look of your website’s branding.

A remote login page on your website helps customers remember where to sign in, and helps to improve their user experience. 

If you ever decide to rebrand, you can simply update the options within Teachworks settings to have your website and platform updated immediately. 

Terminology Preferences 

If your business has pupils, not students, or instructors instead of teachers, you can easily stay consistent with Teachworks’ terminology preference options. 

Customize the terminology used for students, teachers, employees, and families by clicking Account & Settings > Account Settings > scroll to “Terminology Settings” to edit the text.

The changes you make are reflected throughout your tutor management system within all user accounts. You can see these changes in the navigation bar, reports, invoices, and more. This keeps your tutoring platform consistent with your website for a cohesive appearance.

Custom Invoices 

Our Custom Invoices Add-on allows you to personalize invoices that are sent to customers. Customize the invoice labels, the positioning & layout of the title, customer information, invoice details, and logo. You can also modify the invoice instructions and their settings. 

With the many personalization options you have for custom invoices, you can easily create an invoice that matches your company branding. 

Notification Templates 

Teachworks subscribers have access to many kinds of notification templates. All templates are customizable and can be automatically sent to students, parents, or employees right from your account. 

For each template, you can change the subject line and the message contents to include different font colours, links, and pictures. Additionally, you can take advantage of the merge tags available to include the recipient’s first name, last name and company name to streamline the process. You can also modify the HTML of the template if you’re looking for enhanced customization options. 

Website Profiles 

Using our Website Profile Add-on feature, you can easily add and customize a section on your website that showcases your teachers’ talents and experience. This is a great place to reinforce your branding because of the many personalization options you have at your disposal, without any custom coding required.

To enable this add-on, go to Accounts & Settings > Integrations & Add-ons > Website Profiles. Once you’ve enabled the add-on, you can go into its settings to configure the profile fields you’d like to include, the colour of the name block and text, as well as choose between a grid or directory layout on your website. 

Once you’ve customized your website profile section, you can quickly add the script provided into your website’s HTML to place it anywhere on your site.

Website Booking Plugin

To help save you scheduling time, our Website Booking Plugin allows students to book their own lessons or join a course right from your website. 

Among the many ways to personalize this feature, you have the option to customize the text and color of the booking button, where the button is displayed, form fields,  confirmation emails, the booking completion message & cancellation/rescheduling instructions, and more! 

Custom Forms Add-on

Custom Forms are a great tool to collect registration, enrollment, or application information from potential clients or employees. You can add these forms to your website, and once one is submitted, a corresponding profile is created within your Teachworks account. 

Personalize your forms fields to include standard information, as well as custom fields, which can be added in conjunction with Custom Profile Fields Add-on. You can also use formatting fields to allow you to add dividers, line breaks, and section headings.  


Using your tutor management software as an extension of your branding helps your business to stay consistent across all platforms. With Teachworks enhanced functionality to customize the login process, terminology, and other features, your business can thrive without compromising brand identity.

Our website features are able to be tweaked visually, without any custom coding experience required. If you’re looking to expand your brand by using online tutoring software, try Teachworks’ free trial today!

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