New Widgets & Other Updates!

We’ve been hard at work to bring you new updates and features! Thanks for all of your support and suggestions.

Widget Updates

  • We’ve added a new widget called the Lesson Profit Snapshot Widget. This widget displays revenue, wages, and gross profit from lessons for the current and past two months. 
  • Two more widgets have been added to display both Employee and Students upcoming birthdays.  
  • We have included the Flagged Lessons Widget to the Default Employee Widgets page. 

Lesson Summaries Reports Updates

  • There’s a new “Invoiced” filter on the Lesson Summaries Report that allows you to view lessons filtered by “Invoiced” or “Uninvoiced”.
  • We have added a new column to the Lesson Summaries Report for “Duration in Minutes”.
  • We’ve deployed a fix to the “Day” column in the Lesson Summaries Report to use the day of the week that is in the user’s time zone when it’s different from the lesson’s local time zone. 

Excel Updates

  • A new column has been added to the Invoice Excel Download that indicates if the invoice has hidden flags. 
  • We have added the Customer/Student IDs as new columns to some of our reports when downloaded to Excel. 

Invoices & Billing Updates 

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing an invoice draft to appear on a customer’s profile. 
  • We have fixed an issue with the plural spelling for custom event text that is in the “Lessons by Date” field on Invoice Forms. 
  • An update has been made to the Invoice Autopilot that allows you to update the schedule settings even if the start date is more than 1 year ago.  
  • We’ve added a new merge tag to the Teacher Invoice Settings. The {PAYROLL-ID} merge tag is now available and will pull the values from the “Payroll ID” field in an employees’ profile. 
  • We have updated the totals for a package balance located on the “Package” page to round to 2 decimal places, instead of 4.
  • We’ve fixed a bug on the “Payments” page that ensures the download link displays the date filter as the table does. 

More Updates 

  • We have improved the ReCaptcha feature within the Custom Forms Add-on. 
  • We added a “location_or_parent_location_id” filter parameter to the Lesson and Other Events List endpoints for the API. This filter allows you to match results based on the event’s location or it’s parent location. 
  • We’ve added a {LOCATION-LINK} merge tag to the SMS reminder templates. 
  • We have updated the enrollment form for open lessons on customer accounts to display a message and remove the submit button if they have no active students associated with their profile. 
  • We’ve added a custom_status parameter to the Complete Lesson Endpoint. 

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