Equip your Teachers with Shared Profile Resources

Running a successful tutoring company relies on employees being on the same page at all times. As your business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of which resources each teacher has access to.

A good way to manage this is by using a shared resource library where you can add material that’s available to everyone. Having a single spot for important information is not just a great time-saver, but it will also help to limit miscommunication within your team.

Teachworks offers a Shared Profile Resources Add-on that allows you to quickly enable and add to a resource section within all teacher profiles. They can quickly navigate to their profile to easily access a library of important files, materials and links, ensuring that everyone stays up to date. Keep reading to learn more! 

Teachworks’ Shared Profile Resources Add-On

The Shared Profile Resources Add-On is a useful feature that you can use to quickly share important resources with your employees. It features a single field that only needs to be completed once and whatever you enter is then displayed on all employee profiles simultaneously.

While it’s a simple add-on, the possibilities are endless. You can use it to share general information such as company procedures or contact information with your entire team. It also supports links, so if you use a file sharing service (such as Dropbox, Box.com, or Google Drive), you can include a link to specific folders or you can add links to useful resources on your website.

Benefits of Shared Profile Resources 

Below are some of the advantages of sharing useful resources with your team.

1. Saves time 

Shared resources allow both teachers and administrators to save time and work more effectively. With resources easily accessible in their account, teachers are able to quickly locate information, allowing them to be efficient throughout the preparation, hosting, and admin work of lessons. 

Giving all teachers access to the same resources helps to reduce any time-consuming questions about locating or granting access to documents and allows you to focus more time on other areas of your business.

Consider adding material to the library that teachers use frequently, like assessment templates or scorecards to help speed up lesson prep and completion.  

2. Easy to use and customize 

Shared Profile Resources make it easy to locate and customize the content you’d like your teachers to access. As it’s a single field, you only need to add content once for it to be displayed for all teachers. Without the need to apply resources to each profile individually, keeping your content updated is easily done.

There are a few ways to personalize how your resources appear in profiles. You can customize your content with plain text and hyperlinks for access to dropboxes or documents. You can also choose to stylize your resources with multiple font colours. 

3. Provides everyone with universal access 

As changes are reflected immediately in all profiles, easy access to helpful resources is a great way to ensure all teachers are kept up-to-date at all times.

With everyone having access to a single source of information, the chances of time-consuming miscommunication or confusion are lessened.  

4. Allows you to standardize processes

Shared Profile Resources are useful for standardizing and streamlining certain business processes. If you follow a specific onboarding process, for example, you can provide new hires with all the information and documentation they need.

If you do regular assessments for students, you can provide teachers with a link to the necessary templates.

Likewise, if you have specific processes in place for things like students showing up late, you can provide tutors with easy access to the next steps and ensure that all customers have the exact same experience.

How to use the Shared Profile Resources Add-on

Getting started with this add-on only takes a few moments. Follow the steps below to learn how!  

  1. Go to “Account & Settings”, and then select “Integrations & Add-ons”.
  2. Scroll down to “Shared Profile Resources” and select “Enable”.
  3. When the add-on is enabled, you’ll be able to select “Settings”.
  4. Insert your resource content into the provided field and customize as you see fit. 
  5. Press “Save” when you’re finished.

Once you’ve saved your resources, they will be applied to all teacher profiles in your account.


Shared resources reduce time spent answering questions, finding information, and provides an easy way to keep your whole team updated. By ensuring everyone is always on the same page, you and your team can work more effectively. 

Teachworks is an online tutoring software that helps you to manage your business better. With many useful tools like Shared Profile Resources Add-on, it’s easy to streamline your business processes to be more efficient. Try today for free!

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