Tools For Tutoring Students In Different Time Zones

As many tutoring centres expand their services to the growing online market there are unique obstacles to be overcome. One such obstacle is scheduling lessons with teachers and students in different time zones. In this article we’ll discuss Teachworks’ easy-to-use tools for tutoring students in different time zones and how they’ll simplify your business’ expansion to online learning.

The demand for online tutoring has risen dramatically during the past year. This increase in demand has largely been a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that has forced students and educators online.

Additionally, the availability of low cost, easy-to-use technology has also contributed to the spread of online tutoring, since online lessons are now more accessible and effective than ever before.

Opportunities & Challenges of Online Tutoring

The transition to online tutoring has created both opportunities and challenges for many tuition centres.

Some of the opportunities available to tuition centres looking to expand online are:

  • Expanding to new markets outside of your immediate geographical location
  • Saving money on tutor travel/facility costs
  • Increased revenue from being able to reach more students and schedule more lessons
  • Hiring high quality tutors in remote locations who can help your business deliver great lessons

It’s clear your business can benefit from expanding to online tutoring, but the transition can come with some unique challenges as well. One such challenge is learning to manage time zone differences between tutors, students, and your business.

It’s important to effectively manage time zone differences for a few reasons. Time zones can complicate scheduling, which can lead to accidental scheduling conflicts and missed lessons. Scheduling conflicts and missed lessons negatively impact customer satisfaction, lesson outcomes, and can result in diminished revenue from your online services.

How to Simplify Tutoring Students in Different Time Zones

Teachworks makes it easy to manage your business’ growth into online tutoring by providing a simple solution for scheduling lessons for users in different time zones using the User Time Zones Add-On.

The User Time Zones Add-On allows you to set time zones for teachers and students in their Teachworks account so their lessons are displayed on their Calendar in their local time. Once set on their profile, the time in Lesson Reminder Emails, Reminder SMS messages, and Lesson Notes Emails will also be displayed in the user’s time zone.

This simple feature simplifies scheduling by automating time zone conversions for each user. It also allows you to use the conflict checker in your Teachworks account to check for scheduling conflicts when scheduling lessons.

You can also find more information in this tutorial video about How to Set User Time Zones.

Other Teachworks Tools to Simplify Online Lessons

In addition to simplifying the complex task of scheduling and tracking lessons for students and tutors in different time zones, Teachworks has other features optimized for making online lessons easy to deliver.

Teachworks has a direct integration with Lessonspace that your business can use to easily schedule online lessons, connect tutors and students to their online learning spaces, and more. Teachworks customers also get special pricing with Lessonspace, which you can learn more about here: Easy Online Tutoring With Lessonspace & Teachworks.

If you would prefer to use other platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, etc., you can also do that using the Location Links Add-On, which allows you to create locations in Teachworks that hyperlink to online meeting spaces. You can find more information about integrating with each of those platforms here: Online Lessons With Teachworks.

Start Expanding Your Business Today

The demand for online lessons is increasing and your business can capitalize on the growing market by leveraging the tools discussed in this article.

The User Time Zones Add-On, Location Links Add-On, and Lessonspace Integration will all help simplify your business’ expansion to online lessons. That means easier scheduling, no missed lessons, and overall increased lesson revenue as your business finds more students in new markets that were previously inaccessible due to geography.

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