7 Reasons to use a Tutor Management System

An effective tutor management system should encompass many features and functions that make running an education business as easy as possible. Whether your company is big or small, Teachworks offers a large variety of features and integrations to customize your tutoring software to your business’s exact needs.  

Below are some of the most important reasons why tutoring businesses should use a tutor management system for the smooth running of their company. 

1. Better management organization

The day to day running of a tutoring business can lead one to wear many different hats. As managers, you must oversee the invoicing, payroll, scheduling, customer relations, and the overall growth and success of your business. It’s hard work, but can be made even more difficult than it needs to be if all the information you need is in different locations. 

A quality management system addresses all of the core functions of a tutoring business within one convenient software. Teachworks’ user-friendly software makes it easy to navigate between necessary tasks efficiently and maintains order in data and information, even for the most busy of schools. 

With organization in mind, Teachwork’s comprehensive platform includes features like a customizable dashboard that allows you to have the most important information about your company upfront in the form of widgets. With just one glance, you can capture essential data on upcoming tasks and logistics of your company. 

2. Saves valuable time 

Although mundane, the traditionally manual tasks like scheduling and invoicing are the backbone of tutoring, and must be accomplished regardless if they’re time-consuming or not. Tutor management software has the ability to streamline and even automate these important tasks so that you can dedicate more time to the growth of your business and students.  

Scheduling is a task that takes up a large portion of time for tutoring businesses, and even more so when managing multiple teachers’ schedules and availability. It’s time-consuming to add lessons, match teachers to students, and edit them when things change, as they tend to do.

Teachworks’ calendars support many time-saving functions like dragging and dropping lessons for quickly changing dates and lesson duration, and the ability to copy information on lessons to quickly schedule follow-up sessions. Depending on your business, students may even be able to book their own lessons through the Website Booking Plugin.  

Additionally, dealing with company finances including invoicing and payroll, is another time consuming task that needs to be done on a regular basis. Some features that speed up billing within Teachworks include: 

  • Invoice Autopilot – The Invoice Autopilot feature automates customer billing by allowing you to create invoicing schedules for a specific period and deciding how you’d like to deploy them. The schedules only need to be created once, making repetitive invoicing less time consuming to deal with on a regular basis.  
  • Bulk Invoice Payments – If your company uses Stripe to charge credit cards payments on behalf of your customers, bulk invoice payments can save a large amount of time from having to charge each card individually. 
  • Bulk Wage Payments – Without an adequate tutor management system, paying employees’ wages can require an extensive amount of time to calculate lesson hours and earnings. Within Teachworks, all of this data is stored within lessons themselves – no need to pull out the calculator. Bulk wage payments allow administrators to quickly record and export employee earnings to use with your payroll system of choice. 

3. Reduces administrative errors 

There’s nothing worse than scrambling last minute because you’ve discovered an oversight on an invoice or error in scheduling that has teachers double booked. With the enhanced organization capacity of software like Teachworks, mistakes and miscommunications like this are less likely to happen within an automated system. 

As assurance, the conflict checker ensures that scheduling errors don’t occur in the first place. With the click of a button, this feature eliminates the need to double check potential lesson dates against teacher’s availability and other  lesson overlap conflicts. Not only does this bring peace of mind, but also helps to maintain your company’s professionalism.

Additionally, errors are less likely to occur when using a tutor management system because of the way information is stored. Within Teachworks, lessons contain data regarding teachers’ wages, lesson hours, and other important records. 

This single source of data is key in reducing administrative error because all other documents and reports are located within the same system, and are generated from the same information. This eliminates the need for data re-entry when completing general management tasks like invoicing, payroll, and scheduling.  

4. Better internal correspondence & coordination 

Efficient communication within a company is an integral element to its success. When methods of open communication are implemented and encouraged, errors and miscommunication happen less frequently and ensure the smooth running of your business. 

Avenues of communication within tutor management software allows better coordination among employees when it comes to important things like scheduling. With teachers’ user accounts enabled, all employees and the administrator have access to a single, updated calendar. Without the need to manage multiple calendars, the chance of discrepancies is minimized. 

Teachers are able to record notes within lessons and on student/family profiles that help them keep track of important details and information that may be useful for other employees as well. Some Teachworks features that encourage internal communication are: 

  • Flagged Lessons Add-On – If teachers have an irregular or unusual lesson, the Flagged Lessons Add-On allows them to flag the session and have an administrator notified by email as soon as it’s completed. 
  • Notes & Communication Logs Add-On – This feature in Teachworks allows you to add important notes and reminders to students and family profiles. This is a great place to put any specifications or preferences regarding lessons, billing, etc.

5. Improved customer communication 

For any business that deals with clients, communication is relied upon heavily for students to keep coming back and scheduling lessons. With the high expectations of client care, It’s key to stand out amongst the competition with exemplary customer service that makes clients feel appreciated and valued in addition to the education services you provide.  

Giving students and their families user account access is a great way to empower your clients to access their own billing information, history, and scheduling. As user accounts are updated in real time, any changes are reflected immediately within their profiles, allowing them to access all their information instantly without having to inquire. 

Below are some of the features that Teachworks provides to keep in contact with your students. 

  • Shared Lesson Notes – Students and parents like to know how they’re doing during classes. The shared lesson notes are a great way to provide detailed feedback to your clients so that they know they’re on the right track. For even more convenience, these notes can be emailed to clients immediately following the completion of the lesson. 
  • Lesson Reminders – Not only do automatic lesson reminders allow you to stay connected with your students, but they also help to improve overall lesson attendance. These reminders are fully customizable by you and can be a great way to keep clients up to date on the times and locations of their sessions.
  • Email Add-On – An easy way to stay in contact with your clients is by using the email add-on. With this feature, you can customize your email templates with color and images, and send to multiple recipients at once. 

6. Generate useful insights 

One of the top priorities of managing a tutoring business should be checking up on your company’s performance on a regular basis. It’s a helpful way to analyze useful insights about profits and growth and can help improve decision making using the data already accumulated. Doing so without a tutor management system can be cumbersome looking through different software applications and comparing to verify that they’re correct. 

Teachworks includes many different reports that can help you understand and analyze your business in depth without just a click of a button. Some of the detailed reports you can view are: 

  • Breakdown Reports – There are many versions of breakdown reports that you can run for a detailed view of the day to day functions of your business. You are able to measure payments received, lesson revenues, student lesson hours, student lesson count, and many more against different categories. 
  • Lesson Summaries Reports  – Lesson summary reports display important information regarding lessons that can be filtered based on lesson status, teachers, locations, clients and students.
  • Time-Series Reports – Time-series reports allow administrators to display the total daily value of a specific metric for a defined period of time. For example, information about invoice totals, teacher payments, lesson counts and lesson hours are displayed on a line chart for easy analyzing. 

7. Ability to expand with your business

As your business grows and expands, your tutor management system needs to be able to withstand the added capacity, without sacrificing efficiency. Teachworks is modular and customizable in that as your needs develop and progress, you are able to pick add-ons and integrations that help your business run as smoothly as possible. 

For larger businesses, there is a need for features that are designed to handle high volume of students and teachers with ease. For instance, Teachworks supports bulk updating of user profile information with import templates, making it easy to configure the settings of up to 200 existing customers at once. 


In conclusion, running a business with a tutor management system like Teachworks can have profound effects on the time it takes to do administrative work, both internal and external communication, and the ability to capture detailed information. With these tasks streamlined and automated, Teachworks can help your business reach its full potential. Try it today for free!  

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