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As a music teacher, managing your business can be time-consuming. Typically there are multiple students on the go at once, all learning different pieces of music in accordance with their individual goals. With so many students and projects on the go, it can be difficult to track and manage everyone’s progress efficiently. 

With Teachworks’ Repertoire Tracker Add-On, you can easily arrange all students’ music pieces, goals, and performances all in one, organized location. In this article, we will be examining how repertoire tracking can be an essential tool for your music school. 

Repertoire Add-On Benefits 

There are many ways that this feature can be useful for busy music teachers. Some of the benefits of the Repertoire Tracking Add-On are:  

  1. Stay organized & track students’ goals. 

With the ability to track each student’s repertoires in one place, overseeing each individual’s progression becomes easier to organize, manage, and view easily. This allows you to capture a wide range of information on each of your student’s progress and performances on just one screen. 

  1. Give students the ability to manage their own repertoires  

Another way to save time in managing a busy music school is to allow students access to their own repertoires. With the administrators permission, students can then add their own pieces to their repertoire table and edit them as they please. With the ability to manage their own music tracking, students can record important notes of difficulties or questions when practicing to be addressed during the next lesson. 

Teachworks’ Repertoire Tracking Add-On makes tracking students’ music pieces simple and effortless. To learn more about this feature and how to use it in conjunction with your music school software, keep reading below.

Enabling the Add-On 

Getting started with the Repertoire Tracker is straightforward. Follow the below steps to enable: 

  1. Select Account & Settings within Teachworks. 
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Integrations & Add-On’s.
  3. Once in the Integrations & Add-On’s menu, scroll down to find the Repertoire Tracker Add-On (near the bottom). 
  4. Select “Enable”.

Repertoire Tracker Settings – Giving Students Access 

As mentioned above, administrators are able to grant students permission to access their own repertoire within Teachworks (assuming they have User Account Access enabled). 

If you’d like to allow students permission, you can do so through the “Manage” option under the Repertoire Tracker Add-on, within Integrations & Add-On’s. Once “Manage” has been selected, you can choose either “View” for a view-only status, or “Manage” to be able to add, edit, or delete their own repertoires. 

Students with the “Manage” option enabled are able to add their own performance notes while practicing. Additionally, allowing students control over their repertoire table saves time and effort to frequently update student’s progress. 

Accessing & Using the Repertoire Tracker 

There are two ways to access the Repertoire Tracker. 

  1. Once enabled, you are able to locate the feature under the Students tab in your Teachworks account. This will open up the Repertoire Table that displays all of your students’ music pieces and respective progress. To add a repertoire to the table, follow the steps below: 
  1. Click “Add Repertoire” from the link in the sidebar 
  2. Select the student you wish to add a piece for, and complete the necessary fields. 
  3. Submit the form when finished 
  1. You can also locate students’ project pieces and performances through their profile in Teachworks. From there, you can add, edit, or delete repertoires for that specific student. To add a repertoire from a student profile, you can: 
  1. Select “Add New” beside “Repertoires” 
  2. Complete the necessary fields. 
  3. Submit the form when finished. 

The Repertoire Tracker allows administrators to keep detailed information regarding the pieces that students are learning and practicing. Within the information fields, you are able to record Title, Composer/Authors, Genre, Source/Book, Duration, Difficulty, Status, Date Started, Date Completed, and Notes. These options are customizable by you and your students (with permission) and allow for accurate tracking of progress. 

Adding Performances to the Repertoire Tracker Add-On

In addition to recording music piece progress, this feature allows the tracking of performances as they relate to those pieces. To add a performance to the repertoire, follow these steps: 

  1. Access the Repertoire Tracker from the Student’s Tab. 
  2. Click the title of the relevant repertoire, and click “Add Performance”. 
  3. Complete the necessary fields (event, date, performance grade, and comments). 


The Repertoire Tracker Add-On makes it easy and efficient to stay organized with respect to your students’ education, goals, and performances – regardless of how many students you currently tutor. Using the Repertoire Tracker not only helps your students achieve their goals but saves you valuable time and effort that you can spend otherwise to manage and improve your music school. 

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