Teacher Invoices & Other New Updates!

Our Teachworks team has been hard at work! We’re excited to share with you our new features and updates.

Teacher Invoices Add-on

The Teacher Invoices Add-on is finally here! We’ve added this feature that allows your teachers to invoice your company! 

  • The Teacher Invoice button within teacher accounts has been updated to indicate if the invoice will be sent to the company or not. 

ACH Payments

Security Updates 

  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 has been added as an option to include on the Custom Forms for increased protection against bots.  

Invoicing Updates 

  • When making invoice payments, you are now able to skip and go to the next unpaid without having to go back to the invoices table. 
  • We’ve updated invoices so that you’re able to see the name of the Invoice Autopilot Schedule, if applicable. 
  • An issue was resolved that was causing the “active customers not assigned to an Invoice Autopilot” message, as it was incorrectly including “Family Contacts.”
  • Invoice Autopilot Add-on has been updated to include an option allowing you to set the invoice date when using offset days. 
  • We’ve added a link to the Invoice Autopilot list on the Autopilot settings form that allows for easier navigation back to the list. 

Stripe Updates

  • Our Stripe integration has been updated to include the idempotency key with Stripe checkout forms. This update follows the recommended practice from Stripe. 

Calendar Updates

  • The Calendar can now be set to display events using the color code by service. 
  • The Calendar Lock Add-on has been updated to enable an option to override the Calendar Lock for the Administrator and Staff Accounts. 

Custom Form Updates

  • We’ve updated the limit for the Custom Form Attachment name to 30 characters, to ensure there are no complications with the file. 

Lessonspace Updates 

  • When enabling the Lessonspace Integration, you will no longer need to create a Lessonspace account manually, an account will automatically be generated. 
  • We’ve added a response from Lessonspace if an error is encountered when trying to activate Lessonspace through the Teachworks Integration.

Teachworks API Updates

  • We’ve added the ability to set the Default Teachers for a student when using the Create Student endpoint in the API.
  • The Invoice endpoint in the API has been updated to include the employee_id
  • We have updated the student endpoint within the API to update and display their default services. 
  • We’ve added a new API endpoint for credit note allocations

Currency Updates 

  • We have made a change so that the converted currency row will only be displayed when viewing an invoice if an amount has been entered. 
  • The converted currency fields have been added to the edit invoice form, allowing you to update the totals for invoices generated by the Invoice Autopilot. 
  • The Wage Tier Rates on the Service List has been updated to correctly display the currency symbol that is selected within the Teachworks Administrator Account. 

Reports Updates 

  • We have added the “Other Event Wages” measure to the breakdowns report, allowing you to track wages earned. 
  •  There is now a checkbox that provides the option to exclude canceled lesson hours on the Breakdown Report. 
  • The Lesson Summaries Reports have been updated to allow an increased amount of records that can be stored in fields for saved Lesson Summaries Reports. 

Website Booking Plugin Updates 

  • The Website Booking Plugin Confirmation Page has been updated to properly display the terminology settings set within the Teachworks Account Settings 
  • Resolved an issue with the Website Booking Plugin caused by edge cases. 
  • We have added a “Load More” option to the Teacher List in the Website Booking Plugin if there are more than 20 results.
  • We’ve updated the embed script for the Website Booking Plugin Widgets.

Profile Updates 

  • There is now an Account Settings option to limit recent lessons on student’s profiles to teacher’s own lessons. 
  • We have updated the employee profiles to include the “Last Sign-in” date, which can be viewed on the right pane menu after clicking on an employee’s profile. 

Other Updates

  • We have fixed an issue that was preventing student names from displaying on the email notification that company’s receive when students enroll in an Open Class. 
  • There are new merge tags for Student and Family Lesson Reminders, they are for the location address, city, state, and zip code. 
  • We have optimized some MySQL queries where MySQL was making poor index sections in some scenarios.
  • The template lists for the Schedule Confirmation and Email Add-on to appear in alphabetical order. 
  • We have changed the Notification Logs search field to provide exact matches, allowing for faster searching.
  • The Logout Redirect Field to accept “http://” or “https://” at the beginning of the URL has been updated. If you do not specify which protocol you would like to use, the Logout Redirect Field will default to “https://”.
  • We have added the Payroll Identification Number as a new column to the Wage Payments download file. 
  • A Student ID column has been added to the Student List Excel download and the Lesson History by Student Excel download. 
  • We have adjusted the validation for the student discount field to allow a 100% discount to be entered. 
  • Customer Profiles have been updated to include a “View all Transactions” link under the Recent Invoices and Payments sections. This link will direct you to the customer transactions page. 
  • We have limited the number of records that can be downloaded to Excel to 10,000 records at a time. 

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