Pick Tutoring Business Software That’s Easy To Learn

Pick Tutoring Business Software That’s Easy To Learn

Pick Tutoring Business Software That's Easy To Learn

Choosing the best management software for your tutoring business will depend on a range of factors. You’ll need to evaluate the software’s features, pricing, and scalability before making your choice. An additional criteria to consider when choosing tutor business software we’re going to discuss today is evaluating how easy the software is to set up, learn, and teach employees and customers how to use.

It’s important to consider the learning curve involved when getting started with tutor business software, since it will dictate how much time it will take before you can begin using the software to manage your business.

Below we’re going to discuss how Teachworks is optimized to make it simple for you and your employees to switch to and learn the software. We’ll first discuss features and resources for getting started, and then where you’ll be able to find in-depth help if you get stuck on anything.

Import Features

Teachworks makes it easy to transition to the software by providing import templates you can use to easily import students, customers, and employees into Teachworks.

The steps to follow when importing records is straight forward and will significantly reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend getting set up, since you won’t need to spend a lot of time inputting records one at a time.

Setting Up Starting Package Balances

We generally recommend not entering your historical records like lessons and invoices into Teachworks. Rather, it’s best to choose a start date for when your business will begin using Teachworks for scheduling and invoicing and move forward from there.

However, some of your customers might have outstanding balances that you’d like to add to Teachworks so they aren’t forgotten and left unpaid. If you’d like to enter starting balances for customers you can easily do that by following the steps in this article: Setting Up Starting Balances.

If you plan to use the Package Billing Method to sell packages of lessons to students that will be used over a period of time, you can also easily set up existing package balances by following the steps in this article: Setting Up Starting Package Balances.

Modular Design

One of the most intimidating parts of getting started with a new software program is learning how it works. Teachworks removes that barrier with its modular design, which makes the software easy to learn and easy to customize as you become more familiar with it.

Modular design simply means that features are separated from one another to make Teachworks easier to learn, use, and customize. Your new Teachworks account will have only the core features enabled when you get started; a few examples of core features include scheduling, invoicing, reporting tools, and automatic tutor hours tracking.

You can then choose to enable and disable any of Teachworks’ 50 free integrations and add-ons as you see fit. This allows you to learn and customize at your own pace, while also keeping settings segmented and easy to understand as you build your account.

Teachworks Tutorials & Knowledge Base

If you do get stuck anywhere along the way, while getting set up or at any other time, we have resources available that can help you out.

If you prefer to watch videos when trying to troubleshoot you can check our tutorials page for in-depth tutorials for all of Teachworks’ core features here: Teachworks Tutorials.

You can also find detailed articles about all of Teachworks’ features, as well as articles about common issues or setup questions in the Teachworks Knowledge Base.

You can also reach out to us anytime with questions! For more information about how to do that you use the in-app widget in your account or on the Teachworks website under the “Support” tab here: Teachworks Support.

Free User Guides For Your Clients

In addition to the resources discussed above we’ve also created free user guides you can give to your clients that will help them navigate through the software.

There are multiple variations of the user guides that you can choose from, depending on which style best matches the settings your business is using in Teachworks.

You can find those user guides here: Speed Up Onboarding: Free User Guides for Your Clients.

Try Teachworks Tutor Business Software

Are you looking for tutor business software to help you streamline and automate your teaching business? You can get started with Teachworks today by clicking the button below to get started with your Free 3 Week Trial. All of the features, integrations, and add-ons are available with your trial, so you can thoroughly test every feature you’d like to use!

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