4 Ways to Boost Tutor Retention

4 Ways to Boost Tutor Retention

Retaining your companies top performing tutors seems like a common-sense practice, but it may not be as effortless or automatic as you may think. While compensation plays an important role, typically it’s your company’s culture and the effort of management that encourages tutors to stay with a company for the long haul.

Tutor retention relies on an overarching stable and healthy workplace culture that (even virtually) ensures team members feel valued and challenged by their work. A healthy work culture encompasses the many efforts of management, and is built upon the sharing of feedback from their tutors. 

This all begins with supportive management that listens intently, takes opinions into consideration, and seeks ways to ensure their employees are satisfied at work. The following are 4 tried and true strategies to boost your tutor retention within your company. 

Boosting tutor retention in 4 ways: 

1. Show appreciation

More than anything, human’s want to feel appreciated for the time and effort that they put into their job. It’s one of the fundamental requirements to progress within a role or position. Recognizing achievements and hard work makes a huge difference in tutor retention and engagement with their students. Further motivating them to continue performing at a high level.  

It’s a typical misconception that for employee recognition to be appreciated, some kind of monetary reward must be associated. Of course, that isn’t feasible for many companies. Many tutors just want the simple acknowledgement of their efforts, and would gladly accept a simple thank you note as a token of appreciation.

2. Create opportunities for development and growth 

Remaining stagnant within a job that doesn’t offer challenges or opportunities to develop new teaching skills may lead tutors to look elsewhere for advancement. Instead, when those possibilities are provided within their own company, it allows tutors to grow and develop within their role and within your business. 

This can be made possible by offering training on a variety of topics like new subjects, up-and-coming technology, and seminars to enhance tutoring techniques. This doesn’t have to be expensive either, even the smallest companies can capitalize on the endless amounts of credible educational information online. 

Likewise, getting to know your tutors allows you to understand their strengths and talents. Building upon tutor’s strengths not only reinforces their confidence, but encourages tutor’s satisfaction with their work, and loyalty for their organization.  

3. Ask for tutor feedback  

Asking for feedback from your tutors is an easy way to convey that their opinions and views matter to company success. This ensures that tutors don’t feel like they’re just another employee – but know they’re a valuable asset to the company and to you.  

Obtaining feedback on issues of importance allows business owners to gain useful insights into relevant factors of engagement, satisfaction, and motivation.This information provides a simple way to tailor work environments in a way that best suits each individual. By utilizing employee feedback to eliminate pain points and influence a productive culture, tutoring companies are better poised to retain their top talent. 

4. Encourage a healthy work environment 

As all of the above feed into what constitutes a healthy work environment, it’s important to note that the overarching culture within a tutoring business greatly affects how productive and successful team members are. It sets the tone for expectations surrounding behavior, performance and overall mood – even invoking stress if left unchecked. 

It’s no surprise that because of the large impact culture has on a business, it’s critical to create a positive experience for your tutors. With an uplifting, supportive environment, morale and satisfaction flourish and can aid in attracting quality tutors when recruiting. 


As hardworking and talented tutors have such an impact on company culture and business success, efforts to improve tutor retention are an essential element of any educational business.

High turnover not only affects the overall company atmosphere, but is quite costly when it comes to replacing and training high quality tutors. Luckily, with some intentional changes with your employees in mind, it’s possible to keep the great people you’ve hired for the long haul.

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